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   0 Gahld                Another landing
   1 Troll Island         Temple of the Trolls
   2 Roads of the Realm   Roads of the Realm
   3 Roads of the Realm   Roads of Toril
   4 MerKingdom           Inside the Whirlpool
   5 Atlantis             The West Alcove
   6 Sewer                The half-dry drain.
   7 The Cathedral of Waterdeep Cathedral cemetery
   8 Kingdom of Juargan   Siven's Front Yard
   9 New Singase          Rue de Coeurvale
  10 Thalos               Meeting Room
  11 Roads of the Realm   Roads of Toril
  12 House of Horrors     The cupboard.
  13 Kytar                Residential Street
  14 Polvo's Palace       Waiting Room
  15 City of Eternity     The underside of the City of Eternity
  16 Raptor Island        Boiling in Lava
  17 Gahld                Audience chamber
  18 Festival             Outside the parade grounds
  19 Moon City            Central Street
  20 City of Sarglam      a park
  21 The Underworld       A Dark Cave in the Underworld
  22 Dangerous Neighborhood White Dragon Boulevard
  23 Plains of the North  Grassy plains
  24 Festival             On the parade ground
  25 Underdark            Tunnel in the Underdark
  26 Chapel Catacombs     The Gilded Hallway
  27 The Great Pyramid    Climbing the Great Pyramid
  28 Dwarven Catacombs    Curators place
  29 Midnight Mansion     Atop the Castle Wall
  30 Medusa's Castle      The Courtyard
  31 Old Marsh            Beach
  32 Medusa's Castle      An Overgrown Trail
  33 University of MR     Classroom
  34 Roads of the Realm   Roads of the Realm
  35 Valley of the Elves  Along a Windy Trail on the Rim of the Valley
  36 Mist City            North Edition of Mist City
  37 Ethshar              Harbor Street
  38 Atlantis             The East Commoners' Stands
  39 Stasis Castle        The southeast battlement
  40 Roads of the Realm   South Chakkor Road
  41 The Plain of Fear    Red Plains
  42 Graveyard            In a shed on the Graveyard
  43 Roads of the Realm   Roads of the Realm
  44 Arctic Forest        Path through the woods
  45 Gnome Village        A Small Storage Room
  46 Arachnos             On the spider web
  47 Thalos               South Barracks
  48 Pern                 Feeding Grounds
  49 Tethyr               Sea of Swords
  50 Ocean City           A Residence
  51 Moonshae Islands     Codsrun Creek
  52 Gnome Village        Dark Hallway
  53 The Deeve            Junction
  54 Ethshar              Gulf of the East
  55 Tethyr               Sea of Swords
  56 Roads of the Realm   The Great Desert Road
  57 City of Entropy      Entrance to The Temple of Chaos
  58 Roads of the Realm   Eastern Ocean Road
  59 Kingdom of Isles     Central woodlands
  60 The Deeve            Northeast corner of dusty trail.
  61 Roads of the Realm   Roads of the Realm
  62 Tethyr               Corridor
  63 Savant Village       The Tiny Pond
  64 Roads of the Realm   Roads of the Realm
  65 Roads of the Realm   Great Northern Road
  66 Roads of the Realm   Roads of Toril
  67 Thalos               East Prison Cell
  68 Dangerous Neighborhood Achilles Avenue
  69 Thalos               A side street
  70 Roads of the Realm   Eastern Ocean Road
  71 Savant Village       The Eastern Wall
  72 The Isle of Mist     The Pine Forest
  73 Olympus              Entrance
  74 Old Thalos           The meat stand
  75 Graywood Forest      Another Bend in the Creek
  76 Kingdom of Isles     Tree of Elvendar
  77 Roads of the Realm   Gilikak's Road
  78 Dwarven Catacombs    The burial grounds
  79 Calimarra            A Wrecked Ballroom
  80 Old Singase          Pompeii Avenue
  81 City of Eternity     Eternal Road
  82 The Keep of Mahn-Tor A turn in the path
  83 Atlantis             Before a Large Green Hedge.
  84 VanEttan Lake        A Large Hole
  85 Polvo's Palace       Waiting Room
  86 The Shire            A dark tunnel
  87 University of MR     Classroom
  88 Pern                 Ruatha Hold
  89 Tethyr               Stairs
  90 The mushroom forest  The magical mushroom forest
  91 Hartsvale            Wyrms Tongue Ice Field
  92 Olympus              Bed Room
  93 The Isle of Mist     A Sunny Trail Free of Mist
  94 Plains of the North  More Plains
  95 Roads of the Realm   Eastern Ocean Road
  96 University of MR     North hallway
  97 Graywood Forest      The Swampy Marsh
  98 The Sun Dome         Above a guardhouse
  99 Roads of the Realm   Road to Ofcol
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