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  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Rooms in area: 98
  • Authors of area: Blythe Sharra
Faerdale is a land for hero's and challenges.  The master of
Faerdale has a challenge for any who are willing to take it up.

Faerdale is part of the Toril Continent.  To get to Faerdale,
one should visit a temple of their faith in Waterdeep,
and talk to the priest or priestess within.

How to get there

  • Talk to corresponding priest or priestess in Waterdeep
The existing temples and faiths in Waterdeep are:

Temple of Mystra    - Illusionists and Necromancers
Temple of Cyric     - Rogues
Temple of Chauntea  - Elementalists
Temple of Bhaal     - Assassins
Waterdeep Barracks  - Priest of Tyr - Warriors/Rangers
Temple of Mielikki  - Rangers
Temple of Sune      - Monks

At any of these temples one can worship their faith, hone skills
and find out about magical areas such as Faerdale.
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