AREA:Holy River

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  • Suggested levels: 0-99
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Authors of area: Fizzo
The area has been deisgned to add a different factor in the life of
characters on the game. You will have the chance to choose 3 different quests,
so almost anyone will be able to find the one that they will enjoy more.
Each of the 3 quests has been based on the choice on one of three gods. Once
you choose one, you will be bound to it forever and in order to maintain the
advantages of it you must stay within certain limitations on your behaviour.
If you dont follow these rules, you'll loose control of your gains without
any chance of getting them back. To have more informations on each of the
quests, keep on checking the helps.

                                                  Fizzo, 1997.

How to get there

Go south from the southern gate of chakkor until you reach eastern ocean, there go one east and up.


You hear thousands of creatures rushing at you from all directions.
You hear nothing at all.
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