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  • Area: Holy River
  • Quest level: 90
  • Notes:
    • Once you do this quest you cannot do the other 2 quests in Holy River.
The quest for Brahama is easier than the other two but has more requirements
to be started. If you want to do it you have to be a non-follower, and a
neutral alignment is necessary too. The equipment given was designed by me for



  • From the entrance follow the Holy River in a northern direction. The citizens are not aggressive in this area... so you'll be fine if you decide to do some exploring.
  • Eventually you will reach a Sandy Beach area. Travel into the cave and you should see The hermit. This is where everything happens:
(White Aura) An hermit walks around here.
The hermit says 'I may have a secret to share with you'
  • say secret
You say 'secret'
The hermit tells you 'In this cruel world the ones like me have to hide, since we are'
The hermit tells you 'disliked and hunted by the majority. The ones of my kind are called'
The hermit tells you 'Pariah, but the masses but we are different from pariahs.'
  • say pariah
You say 'pariah'
The hermit tells you 'No! I am not a pariah, I used to be, after refusing to '
The hermit tells you 'accomplish the quest given by me by the high priest in '
The hermit tells you 'the Air Temple. But I actually didnt fail. I had '
The hermit tells you 'finished my duties and reached Vishnu himself, but once'
The hermit tells you 'I talked to him I realized that the true power wasnt '
The hermit tells you 'lying neither in Vishnu's nor in Shiva's hands. At that '
The hermit tells you 'time I decided to retire and leave in close contact '
The hermit tells you 'with nature and my own soul, and I found how powerful '
The hermit tells you 'Brahama can be. Since then I have been one of his most '
The hermit tells you 'faithful followers. Although people think that I am pariah'
The hermit tells you 'I know I am not!'
  • say brahama
You say 'brahama'
The hermit tells you 'Brahama is the God of Neutrality. All of his followers are'
The hermit tells you 'considered equal. We live in close balance with nature and'
The hermit tells you 'we enjoy doing so. Nature provides us all we may need, when'
The hermit tells you 'we want to ask for help from our God we meditate in his'
The hermit tells you 'shrine and he helps us. Do you want to become a follower'
The hermit tells you 'of Brahama? If yes say:'
The hermit tells you 'I want to be a follower'
  • say I want to be a follower
You say 'I want to be a follower'
The hermit tells you 'Before deciding if you want to be a follower of Brahama,'
The hermit tells you 'I have to give you some warnings. Although you can join'
The hermit tells you 'Brahama if you are a pariah, being one of his followers,'
The hermit tells you 'other people will recognize you as a pariah, thus you'
The hermit tells you 'will not be able to become a follower of another religion.'
The hermit tells you 'If still want to become a follower say:'
The hermit tells you 'I am sure I want to become a follower'
  • say I am sure I want to become a follower
You say 'I am sure I want to become a follower'
The hermit tells you 'From now on you will be considered a Pariah. But you'
The hermit tells you 'also will be one of Brahama's followers. If you wish'
The hermit tells you 'to speak with him and ask for his favors, take this tunic,'
The hermit tells you 'look for his Shrine, and once you found it, practice'
The hermit tells you 'some yoga while wearing the robe, and if you have been'
The hermit tells you 'faithful enough you will reach Brahama.'
  • You are now a "Pariah". Congratulations!
  • Next, kill The hermit. He's tough, but a level 85 Necromancer with a Cleric to heal did him with ease.
  • You need the "Granite Stone" and "Grey Tunic" that the Hermit is wearing.
  • To use the "Granite Stone" for the first time, hold the stone and type CLEAN.
  • Get your Alignment to exactly zero, and collect a nice big fat group together, stand them all in the Hermit's room... and set the Tank up with lotsa save vs spell equipment (and Mage Shield) etc. Get "Granite Stones" for all the group, hold the stones (make sure no other stones are in the top level of their inventory) and get them to teleport into Brahama's Antechamber by typing SCRUB.
  • Once everyone is there, the Pariah needs to type YOGA (make sure the Pariah is wearing the tunic). Everyone in your group that is in the antechamber will be teleported into Brahama's Shrine.
Brahama says 'If you'll be able to kill me then you'll have'
Brahama says 'the prizes for your beliefs, if you just want temporary'
Brahama says 'help, ask me for spells...'
  • You need to cast Remove Curse on Brahama for each item that he is wearing.
  • Brahama casts 'dispell good'. So make sure the taking character has Align less than 351 to minimise the damage he deals. Now kill Brahama.
  • It takes ages for Brahama to re-pop with another full set... an hour or two from experience.
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