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  • Suggested levels: 10-40
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Authors of area: Jaxom
The magic kingdom of Landover is based on the series by Terry Brooks.
Twenty years ago,  The king of Landover died leaving his son, Michael as
his only heir.  Unfortunately for the kingdom, Michael did not want the
kingdom.  He conspired with the then Court Wizard, Meeks, to help him get
out of his kingdom, but he did not want to be penniless wherever he
ended up, so they planned to sell the throne to the highest bidder.
You enter the scene thirty-two kings later.

How to get there

  • go to: Meeks' Office (e & u from Waterdeep "The Market Square")
  • then say 'landover', give 100000 coins to Meeks, wear medallion and type: landover
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