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Suggested levels: 90-95
Min/Max levels:  0-99
Rooms in area: 111
Creatures in area: 22
Players in area: 0
Authors of area: Grimace
In my travels about the great eastern continent, I have encountered
more than one society which embraces a theology centered around the
ocean god Neptune.  Those that inhabit the region around Mt. Olympus
say that there are gods who live high above the clouds on that peak,
and these gods include Neptune and his siblings.  Piscyrean refugees
live a spartan life of devotion to this ocean lord, and the marvelous
undersea city of Atlantis bears the marks of both Neptune's mentorship
and his wrath.  Having infiltrated Atlantis and befriended a few of
its citizens in hopes of finding a home for my clan and forging a lasting
relationship therein, I found myself with a unique opportunity to
delve into the culture and beliefs of those whose lives depend entirely
on the sea.  Their fears have not been lost on me, and I've grown to
accept many of their chronicles as truth.  One intrepid explorer named
Ysortus writes:

"While mapping out the sea floor outside the dome, my party stumbled
upon a deep rift in the earth, which extended as far above and below
us as the instruments could detect.  Further exploration led to an
encounter with one of His Holiness' minions, and only I was left as
my party turned and fled from whence we came.  I, too, turned my tail
after the minion spoke of a mortal audience with our Maker, the idea
of which is too terrible to imagine.  We shan't venture into the Abyss

I am currently assembling a strong party to explore this forsaken realm
deep in the Abyss, though I doubt that any mortal could penetrate very
far, confronted with the prospect of encountering a vengeful god, even
if he be a demi-god.

                                        -Grimace 5/97

                                        (LAST UPDATE: 6/28/98)

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