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  • Follow the instructions: How to get to sea floor at Abyssal Depths
  • From the ""The Air Lock" room: get breath water on chars and go n, d to the sea floor.
  • From this point onward you will require the Elementalist "Breathe Water" spell (or you will slowly drown to death).
  • To reach the top of the dome go n, d, s, e, e, e, s, e, n, e, e, s, e, s, u.
  • From "Atop the Dome", explore around until you locate an exit up. Continue exploring and travelling up until you are "High Atop the Dome". This is where the sharks live... they are all Abyssal Sharks.
  • Kill the southern most shark for the Shark Tooth. (from beginning of dome go e, s, u, s, s, u, s, s, s, s, s, e, u, e, e, s, s) Be careful - these sharks are not very easy, even for a couple of level 95 characters.
  • Lobster claw is carried by Abyssal Lobster, just need to kill it. From beginning of dome area go 8 e, s, e, s, e, s
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