Connecting rooms in your castle

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Syntax: CASTLE connect [<dir>]
Cost: $4,000,000(interior) $70,000,000+(backdoor)

The connect command allows you to connect rooms together. If you are connecting rooms within your castle, it's not very expensive. However, you are allowed one connection from inside your castle to any other place in the world; this connection is called a BACK DOOR. BACK DOOR's are VERY expensive and cannot be used as an entrance to your castle, only an exit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The most basic idea behind creating a connection is that it requires TWO sides. This means that to define a connection you will have to do the "castle connect <direction>" command TWICE, once for each side of the connection.

EXAMPLE: You want to connect your guard's living quarters to your throne room.

Step 1) Go to your guard's quarters, and enter:

 >castle connect dir_up
  • Issuing this first "castle connect" command stores that room and dir
  • (use "castle" with no parameters to see if you already have a first side
  • of a connection defined and where it is) for use when you issue the 2nd
  • "castle connect" command.

Step 2) Then go to your throne room and enter:

 >castle connect
  • (no direction is needed for the second use of connect because it just
  • assumes the opposite of the first). This will create a way for you
  • to escape from your throne room into the guards quarters by going
  • down from the throne room. Of course, it is a two-way entrance,
  • so your guards can come and warn you quickly if need be.

NOTE: To abort a connect (clear the first side of the connection), use:

>castle connect clear

IMPORTANT NOTE: If, for some reason, your castle's entrance is no longer connected to the rest of the world, simply use the "castle entrance" command to connect it to the current room you are standing in. The limitation being that it will only connect in the same direction as your old castle entrance.