Starting a castle

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Syntax: CASTLE entrance <dir>
Cost: $30,000,000

This command creates the first room of your castle. The entrance can only be created in a room designated residential. Once you create an entrance to your castle, you cannot relocate. Unless you are willing to spend the gold for a back door (see "Connecting rooms in your castle for more info on back doors), you will only have one place to exit your castle. EXAMPLE: You find a room that you want to build your castle from and that is marked as a residential area. To build your entrance to the east you would enter:

 >castle entrance dir_east

(NOTE: "castle entrance" by itself will show you a listing of dir_ flags) And some contractors would come, take your money, and build the entrance to your new Castle. NOTE - To determine if you can start a castle in the room you are in, type "castle" by itself and it will tell you if you can build one there.