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Equipment: Band of Demise
Area: Temple of Demise
Quest Level: 10

    * N/A

Directions to start of quest:

    * Go to the Temple of Demise. It is just North and West of Ocean City. 


   1. Go as far North and West in the temple as you can and kill the first key keeper.
   2. Get the Blue Key.
   3. South, East, South, West. Say: "open".
   4. Go generally North until you get to some lava. Go west and around the lava. Kill the second key keeper.
   5. Get the Yellow Key.
   6. Go back to the entrance of the temple. Go North as far as possible and then East. Say: "open".
   7. Kill the key keeper.
   8. Get the Red Key.
   9. Say "open". West, South, East. Say: "open".
  10. East and North is another door. You will need the Gray Key for that one.
  11. Go North and the last key keeper is at the end of the hallway in a dark room. Kill him.
  12. Get the Gray Key and go back to the door.
  13. Say: "open". Up.
  14. You are now at Demise. He will give you 3 options:
          * Say "free" and he will send you to get a mural that is found near the entrance to the Temple (all the way North from the entrance.) Get it and give it to him and he will give you the Gray Broach.
          * Say "follow" and he will give you a Band of Demise and teleport you back to Ocean City.
          * Say "kill" and you will fight him. (not a good idea) 


the band of demise is type armor, extra flags magic.
Weight is 10, value is 1, level is 1.
Armor class is 0.
Affects damage roll by -5.
Affects hit roll by -5.
Affects constitution by -2.
Affects wisdom by -2.
Affects intelligence by -2.
Affects dexterity by -2.
Affects strength by -2.
Wear locations: Fingers Neck Wrist
- When worn: the band transfers mana/movement into hit points for you.
- When not worn: can be used to summon a fire demon. This will destroy the band.

a grey broach is type armor, extra flags magic.
Weight is 2, value is 1, level is 50.
Armor class is 14.
Affects strength by 2.
Affects dexterity by 2.
Wear locations: Neck. 
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