QUEST:Black diamond/Vermillion equipment quest

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  • Area: Hirudinia
  • Notes:
    • By doing this quest you will not be able to do the Hardened mercury equipment quest
    • Need a group at least 5 characters (no non-reincs)
    • Need Necromancer with anti-magic shell spell
    • Need Cleric with enought mana to heal few medium fights with soothing touch auto-quick
    • All equipment is autoengrave
    • Need detects


Vermillion set

Black diamond set


(White Aura) A bishop of Chaos awaits your journey.
Bishop Marshall says 'Our city is in grave danger.  A vile and evil'
Bishop Marshall says 'creature is sapping the mines of the powerful'
Bishop Marshall says 'magic that we live on and give to the great '
Bishop Marshall says 'Lord Chaos.'
Bishop Marshall says 'Will you help us?'
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
Bishop Marshall says 'It is a long journey though the mines.'
Bishop Marshall says 'Talk to the owner of the mines before you leave.'
Bishop Marshall says 'Tell him why you are here.'
You say 'I am here to help'
The mine operator, Portman says 'My mine has been overtaken by evil beasts.'
The mine operator, Portman says 'Please destroy them and there will
be a reward.'
  • from the entrance to the mines go: 2 d;w;n;3 w;s;w;n;2 w;n;w;5 s;2 w;s;3 e;2 s;w;n;2 w;5 d;s;e
  • easiest (safest) is to rcast these mobs (and use a large group)
Fafara is DEAD!!
Zo'gut, master of magic is DEAD!!
  • NOTE: Walk an Anti-Magic'd Nec into Asche's room FIRST or the party is slay'd
  • NOTE: Asche is in a lava room, you will be forced into combat immediately after the fight
Asche is DEAD!!
Phantasma is DEAD!!
The Darkness is DEAD!!
Tier is DEAD!!
Fett the Protector is DEAD!!
  • go east
The Enchantress says 'I see you have made it this far, so you'
The Enchantress says 'must be worthy opponents.  I shall give'
The Enchantress says 'you a choice.  You appear to be very'
The Enchantress says 'powerful, so may help me and leave with'
The Enchantress says 'your lives, or i will fight and you will'
The Enchantress says 'die.  But it is up to you to decide.'
  • say help
The Enchantress says 'I need your help to overthrow the Chaotic forces that'
The Enchantress says 'this land.  The Bishop of this city must pay with'
The Enchantress says 'his life.  Kill him, and return to me for further'
The Enchantress says 'instructions.  Fail me, and you will perish in the'
The Enchantress says 'bowels of Hell for all Eternity.'
  • gohome and return to Bishop Marshall and kill him (questor needs the killing blow)
Bishop Marshall is DEAD!!
Bishop Marshall says 'You have betrayed our great god Chaos.  You'
Bishop Marshall says 'must be out of your mind.'
You hear Bishop Marshall's death cry.
The heart of Bishop Marshall falls out onto the floor.
  • get heart
You get the heart of Bishop Marshall.
The Enchantress says 'You have done well by slaying the Bishop.'
The Enchantress says 'I fear there is yet another problem in'
The Enchantress says 'my way.  One of my minions has turned'
The Enchantress says 'its back on me and is slaughtering the'
The Enchantress says 'massive hordes in my armies.  Destroy'
The Enchantress says 'the scorpion, and bring me its tail.'
  • gohome and find A scorpion in the mines, from the mine entrance: 2 d;w;n;e;2 n;3 e;s
  • kill Scorpion (questor gets the killing blow)
A scorpion is DEAD!!
A scorpion drops A scorpion's tail.
  • get tail
You get A scorpion's tail.
The Enchantress says 'Again you have served my purposes well, child.'
The Enchantress says 'Give me the tail of that vile, foul beast.'
  • give tail enchantress
You give A scorpion's tail to The Enchantress.
The Enchantress says 'Beautiful! Beautiful, my child!'
The Enchantress throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!
The Enchantress says 'I can only offer you very little reward for '
The Enchantress says 'your services.  You may pick from my vast '
The Enchantress says 'collection of treasures.  Would you like'
The Enchantress says 'more powerful magic or more powerful '
The Enchantress says 'offense?'
  • say "magic" for black diamond EQ
  • say "offense" for vemillion EQ
You say 'magic'
The Enchantress says 'Very well, my child.'
The Enchantress gives you black diamond boots.
The Enchantress gives you a Black Diamond Blade.
The Enchantress gives you Black Diamond armor.
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