QUEST:Butler's family heirloom and Impenetrable equipment quest

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Impenetrable equipment set


  • get bellhammer
  • ring bell
  • n, s to trigger the buttler
The butler sighs loudly.
The butler tells you 'I have been trapped in here for as long as I can remember,'
The butler tells you 'forced to do the work of the evil Lelik. Many times have I'
The butler tells you 'wished for my freedom, so that I may die in peace,'
The butler tells you 'but there seems no hope of escape.'
  • say escape
You say 'escape'
The butler says 'The only way I could ever escape is if I were to possess a
certain glowing gem, which has great power.'
  • say gem
You say 'gem'
The butler says 'I believe that there is a vampire in the house that has it,
but I very much doubt he will part with it. He has the power even to take it
with him to beyond the grave.'
  • n, 3w and kill Torturer (quester must get last hit)
  • get persuader
  • Goto the vampire 6e, n, u, s, u
  • persuade vampire
The vampire looks at XXXXXXXX strangely
  • Now kill he vampire (again quester must get last hit)
The vampire is DEAD!!
You feel rewarded in teaching your followers.
The vampire looks at the persuader and goes white as a sheet!
The vampire tells you 'You have managed to convince me that you should have my
precious gem!'
The vampire gives you a glowing gem.
The vampire turns to dust.
  • Return to the Butler. Go d, n, d, s, 3w, s
The butler says 'Well done! I did not think that you would be able to convince
the vampire to part with the gem. Now, give me the gem so that I may escape.'
  • give gem butler
You give a glowing gem to The butler.
The butler says 'Thank you for this valuable gift!'
The butler examines the gem intently. Then he frowns.
The butler shouts 'NO! What has he done!'
The butler says 'The vampire has defiled the holiness of the stone. It will
have to be purified now. I have heard of an anti-evil lotion, but I do not how
to make one, or where to find any.  I would value it greatly if you could find
some for me.'
  • Go see the Cook in the Kitchen and talk about the lotion. Go 4nm 2e
  • say lotion
You say 'lotion'
The cook says '"Yes, I know of an anti-evil lotion. I once made some, but I
don't have any more and my ingredients ran out.'
  • say ingredients
You say 'ingredients'
The cook says 'Hmmm, let me think ... there was ... HEY! Why should I tell you
anything? You've never done anything for me!  You didn't even ask me nicely at
  • say please
You say 'please'
The cook says 'No.'
The cook grumbles to you.
The cook says 'Well, I might consider it if you can help me with something.'
  • say help
You say 'help'
The cook says 'I was walking through the house and by mistake I walked into the
lair of the beasts. In my haste to escape I dropped my magic spoon. If you can
get it back for me, I would consider helping you out.'
  • Go kill the beast, go 2w, 2s, w, u, wn
As the beast dies, it is violently sick and you spy the magic spoon amongst all the puke.
A magic spoon falls out onto the floor.
  • Go back to he cook, go 2s, d, e, 2n, 2e
  • give spoon cook
You give a magic spoon to The cook.
The cook says 'Thank you! At last my cooking can once again be as good as it
The cook sits down and thinks deeply.
The cook says 'Now, what did you want again XXXXXXXX?'
  • say ingredients
You say 'ingredients'
The cook says 'Oh, I forgot. First I will need some bat-blood XXXXXXXX.'
  • Find the vampire bat and kill him, go 2w, n, open cupboard, n
Some of the bat's blood oozes out of it's body!
  • get blood
  • Return to the Cook and give him the blood. Go 2s, 2e
  • give blood cook
You give some bat-blood to The cook.
The cook says 'Good. Now I will need some fine dust. It has to be very finely
ground, though.  I'm sure you can find some laying around somewhere.'
  • Go to the attic and get the dust from the floor, 2w, n, 2u, 2s
  • get dust
  • Return to the cook 2n, 2d, s, 2e
  • give dust cook
You give some fine dust to The cook.
The cook says 'Well done! Hmmm, let me think now ... Yes. I'll also need a
multi-coloured powder.  I know I saw some on the floor somewhere.'
  • e, u, e, get powder, w, d, w
  • give powder cook
You give some coloured powder to The cook.
The cook says 'There we go! Now I can go about making the lotion ...'
The cook pulls a pot out of one of the cupboards and starts to mix the ingredients together.
There is a blinding flash of light and you are momentarily blinded.
Then you see a multi-hued mixture in the pot.
The cook says 'Damn. I can't get the mixture hot enough.  This is the best I
can do for you. It's not finished, but if you can perhaps give it to something
really really hot to heat it up enough, it will be finished.  There, I owe you
nothing anymore. Go away now and let me cook.'
The cook gives you a multi-hued mixture.
  • Go 2w, 3s, 3w, s.
  • During the battle with the demon : give mixture demon
... battle ...
... at 0% you see ...
The fire demon glows blindingly hot for a moment!
You are burnt in the intense heat!!!
The anti-evil lotion falls out onto the floor.
  • get lotion
  • Return to the butler and give him the lotion. Go n, 3e, s
  • give lotion butler
You give the anti-evil lotion to The butler.
The butler says 'AMAZING! You found it! Now I can purify the gem.'
The butler rubs the lotion all over the gem, and it changes into a brilliant pearl colour.
The butler says 'I have bad news for you, though. Someone has stolen the
bracket that I need to mount the gem in, but I don't know who. Someone in this
house must have it on them.  Perhaps you can locate it.  Without it I cannot
  • Now find he bracket, have an illusionist locate the item for you.
  • Have detect invis on the ill and: cast 'locate object' i29816
  • (or cast locate bracket)
  • Bracket can be carried by a random monster: nightmare, rotting corpse
  • Go kill the mob with the bracket and get it
  • Return to the butler and give him the bracket.
  • give bracket butler
You give a bracket to The butler.
The butler takes the gem and mounts it into the bracket.
The butler says 'Hmmm, now all that is needed is to align it correctly to the
stars. I'm afraid I don't quite know how to do that.  Perhaps the astronomer
can help you with that.'
  • Go to the Astronomer. Go n, 3w, n, u, s, u
  • say align
You say 'align'
The mad astronomer says 'Yes, I have heard of the bracket and the requirements
needed to align it correctly. Why do you want to know?'
  • say butler
You say 'butler'
The mad astronomer says 'Oh, yes! the butler. What about the butler?'
  • say he wants help
You say 'he wants help'
The mad astronomer says 'You wish to help the butler?'
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
The mad astronomer says 'Very well. Once, a long time ago, he helped me out. I
suppose I could repay his favour. Tell him to align the bracket to the Orion
constellation at midnight on the first day of the month of the Old Forces.'
  • Return to the butler. Go d, n, d, s, 3e, s
  • say align the bracket to the Orion constellation at midnight on the first day of the month of the Old Forces.
You say 'align the bracket to the Orion constellation at midnight on the first
day of the month of the Old Forces.'
The butler says 'Finally!!! I can be free! Thank you for this great service you
have done for me. I shall reward you grandly. Here, take this. It has been in
my family for more years than I can think of.'
The butler gives you the butler's family heirloom.
The butler says 'I would give you the armour that was once mine, but Lelik
holds it in a magical void.'
  • say void
You say 'void'
The butler says 'I have often tried to pull the armour out, but his power is
too great for me to do that.  Perhaps you are strong enough to defeat him.'
The butler gives you the rune.
The butler says 'Take this rune and give it to Lelik.  It will allow you to
destroy him.'
  • Next you can go kill Lelik, but he is tough. While fighting you have to give the rune to lelik. (Lelik is agro to the questor and casts mass acid blast and blindness. No need for questor to get killing blow.)
  • Go to the basement and get to the grave yard. Lelik is the last room to the south.
  • If you dont give the rune to Lelik and kill him he will slay the killer
  • After killing Lelik go back to butler
The butler says 'Well done! I can't believe that you managed to kill that foul
fiend. Here, let me try to retrieve my armour ...'
The butler closes his eyes, frowns and then smiles. A set of armour appears as if by magic!
The butler drops everything.
You feel better!
The butler smiles happily.
  • Butler dropped invisible, impenetrable equipment set, get it
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