QUEST:Champion's Armor quest

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  • Area: Island of Paragon
  • Quest level: 60
  • Notes:
    • Once you are declared a champion, no-one will attack you in the fields of paragon.
    • DO NOT GO to Lord Seflian with a non-champion in your party. You WILL all die.
    • This quest is infinite. EVERY time you go to Lord Seflian he will give you a champion armor if you dont already have one. Champion armor is UNIQUE though.



  • Go to Entropy. Go to Gardens. Go to one of the twisters on left.
  • Cast Fly. You will be transported to the Island of Paragon.
  • Wake. Go North to Felulius. Those of you who are not mages say: "I hate magic!".
  • Go South and go East. The non-mages say: "I want to register." The mages must give the warrior 500000 coin.
  • Go North and keep fighting your way East. The fight your way South and West. Avoid the Exit. When you get to South West Corner enter the Champion's Room.
  • Say yes
  • Go East and kill the beast. The person questing MUST be the last person to hit the beast.
  • Go back to the Champion and repeat steps 6-7
  • Go back to the Champion and say Take me to Lord Seflian.
  • Go North and get your armor.
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