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Equipment: Crown of the Ancients
Area: Varies Areas
Quest Level: 95

    * The questor needs to have done the MALE paradise quest.

Directions to start of quest:

    * Go to the North Pole
    * Go to Frosty


   1. Say 'No'
   2. Kill snowmen until one drops a hat (snowman's have 5% chance to have a hat when dying)
   3. Get hat
   4. Go to Frosty
   5. Say 'Yes'
   6. Give hat Frosty
   7. Say 'Crown'
   8. You get a snowflake
   9. Go to Transylvania (n s e w n s e w n n to get through the mist)
  10. Go to Father Collins (2 west from square)
  11. Say 'Crown'
  12. Go to Anasazi
  13. Go to Agnes (he is beyond the mist, follow path on the map to get there)
  14. Say 'Yes'
  15. Wait until you get a map
  16. Go to Aved (you need to have a dhirmal punch in inventory)
  17. Say 'Crown'
  18. Say 'Father Collins'
  19. Go to Father Collins
  20. Say 'Proof'
  21. Go to Aved
  22. Say 'Proof'
  23. Go to Father Collins
  24. Give letter Collins
  25. Go to Aved
  26. Give important letter Aved
  27. You will get love potion to persuade the queen (have to be male, use change sex)
  28. Go to Paradise Island
  29. Go to Queen Xenobia
  30. Seduce Queen
  31. Give the love potion to the queen and you get a shovel
  32. Go to Anasazi
  33. Hold shovel
  34. Dig in center of Anasazi, a few times (10% chance)
  35. Spell up
  36. Find the burial chamber
  37. Kill the skeleton king solo
  38. You get a crown of the ancients 
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