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Equipment: Crystal Sword
Area: Arachnos
Quest Level: 37

    * N/A

Directions to start of quest:

    * From the fountain in Chakkor, go 4w, n, 10w, s, w, w, n, w, u, w, n. This will put you at the safe room in Arachnos.


Sleep in the safe room. Remain asleep until you are handed a letter.

Suddenly you hear a strange voice in your dream.
The Seal! The Seal is about to break!
You must travel to Sun Dome! You must find
Sa'ar! UNSEAL this letter when you see Sa'ar...

Take the Sealed Letter you have been given to the Sa'ar in Sun Dome. Take the Griffon to Sun Dome, then go d, n, w, w, u, s, d, n, open west, w. Once you are there, hold the letter and type unseal as instructed.

hold letter
You hold a sealed letter in your hands.


You gave the letter to Sa'ar.
You say 'M'Lord, I have a letter for you.'
Sa'ar takes the letter and reads it.
Sa'ar pauses for a minute.

Sa'ar says 'Hrm... Autumn the spider Queen.....'
Sa'ar says 'This letter that you gave me was written by Ka'ar, my'
Sa'ar says 'ancestor. He might have been dead for long, but his'
Sa'ar says 'spirit will not rest until this evil is taken care of.'
Sa'ar sits down and thinks deeply.
Sa'ar says 'As his child, I should be the one to deal with this'
Sa'ar says 'Autumn......'
Sa'ar sighs loudly.
Sa'ar pauses for a while.................
Sa'ar says 'However, Lord Order is no where to be found... and'
Sa'ar says 'I must stay here and guard this proud city of his.'
Sa'ar says 'I cannot... take care of Autumn personally.. '
Sa'ar says 'My friend, will you help me put an end to this'
Sa'ar says 'Autumn?'
Sa'ar says 'If you will help, say :'
Sa'ar says 'Yes M'Lord. I will do my best.'

say Yes M'Lord. I will do my best.

Sa'ar smiles happily.
Sa'ar says 'Very well than.'
Sa'ar gets a strange scroll and a gem from a chest under his desk.
Sa'ar says 'This scroll will allow you to travel into the seal where she is'
Sa'ar says 'trapped still. When you see her, give her this gem. The Gem will'
Sa'ar says 'destroy her, but be warn, she will not sit there and wait for her'
Sa'ar says 'death quietly. You will have to fight her.. however the gem will'
Sa'ar says 'finally get her. I thank you in advance for your help and wishes'
Sa'ar says 'you the best of luck.'
Sa'ar bows deeply flourishing his cape.
Sa'ar gives you a strange scroll.
Sa'ar gives you a gem stone.

During this conversation you have been moved to another room (actually in Arachnos). Go e, w, to return to the room you were standing in before you gave the letter to Sa'ar.

Return to Arachnos and go to the Energy Seal. From the safe room go n, n, n, e, u, s, e, e, s, w, d, d. Use the scroll you were given by the Sa'ar.


The energy seal opens and you are sucked into it!!!

The Queen Autumn is here in this room with you. Spell up and prepare for battle for when you give her the gem stone.

give gem queen

You give a gem stone to Queen Autumn.
Queen Autumn screams loudly!
Queen Autumn says 'No! 3000 years I have been trapped! I shall not die here!'
Queen Autumn says 'Order! First you turn me into an ugly spider! Than sent'
Queen Autumn says 'Ka'ar to trapped me here! Now you want to kill me!'
Queen Autumn says 'It aint that easy! Even if I die Tenarius, I will make sure'
Queen Autumn says 'that you come with me!'

Once you have killed her, her body will be sucked into the gem stone.

Queen Autumn's body starts to glow brightly!!!
Queen Autumn's body had been totally sucked into the gem!
Queen Autumn shouts 'Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Get the gem stone and take it to the Blacksmith in Chakkor. Once there, hold the gem stone and type construct.

hold gem

You hold a gem stone in your hands.


The blacksmith takes gem and makes it into a sword.. free ;P

The gem stone is no longer in your inventory, but you will notice that the Crystal Sword is.
Item list:

a crystal sword
type weapon, extra flags glow anti-evil.
Weight is 1, value is 900000, level is 37.
Damage is 4d10.
Wear locations: Wield.
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