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  • Area: Pern
  • Quest level: 50
  • Notes:
    • Once this is done, you can visit your dragon (from Manora: 3 East, Up, East)
    • He will transfer you to Chakkor, Savant Village, Troll Island or Valdemar.



  • Find Manora in Pern.
  • Buy 2 fish oils from her;
  • Go West until you get to a dead end;
  • Pass Door. North. Follow the hallway till you get to the 'spotted egg';
  • Pat the egg;
  • Take your dragon and kill in the feeding grounds. Do not kill the dragons;
    • You can kill a few (5 or so) homunculouses first. This will not make the dragon grow, but it does count as kills;
  • Eventually you will see the dragon eat a herdbeast and it will tell you that it needs to be oiled;
  • Give fish oil to the dragon;
  • Repeat steps last two steps one more time;
  • Go back to the hatchery until you see the Gold Dragon that is LOOKing at you;
An enormous golden dragon lies here LOOKing at you.
  • Go to F'lar. From Gold Dragon he is 3w,u,e,n.
F'lar says 'I understand that you have information for me?'
F'lar says 'What do you have to tell me?'
F'lar says 'I hear you have raised a fine dragon, Scem.  I think yo'
F'lar says 'are ready to join a fighting wing as a dragonrider.'
F'lar says 'Go see manora and she will outfit you with what you need.'
  • He will tell you to go back to Manora. (s,w,d,ww,3s,ww);
  • Manora will give you now 6 pieces of equipment;
Manora says 'I hear your dragon does indeed look strong and healthy.'
Manora says 'Here are leathers that you will need when you fight thread.'
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