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  • Area: Anasazi
  • Quest level: 46
  • Notes:
    • Breath Water


the Erlenmeyer Flask is type weapon, extra flags magic anti-evil.
Weight is 5, value is 500000, level is 46.
Damage is 1d66.
Affects hp by -15.
Affects mana by -16.
Affects armor class by 6.
Wear locations: Wield.


  • Find Fortune teller in anasazi (just a few south then east)
Agnes tells you 'would you like me to tell you your future?'

You say 'Yes'
Agnes looks into her crystal ball.
Agnes says 'You have traveled far, and defeated many enemies.'
Agnes says 'But yet you are not happy with your self.'
You say 'No, I'm not really happy with myself.'
Agnes says 'I know of something that will remedy that.'
You say 'Oh really?'
Agnes says 'Yes, a long time ago a mighty weapon was forged by a great priest'
Agnes says 'He made this weapon using his great knowledge of chemistry.'
Agnes says 'It is rumored that he still lives near here. '
Agnes awakens from her trance.
You say 'Do you know where I could find him?'
Agnes says 'Yes' Agnes gets an old map from behind her table.
Agnes says 'Take this lowbie, it will help you find him.'
Agnes gives you an old map.
Agnes says 'You must go now, I need my rest.'
  • all s, look for exit up to get to 'lost in mist'
  • Go up and do an 'look map'. Follow the directions on the map and you will end up in the house.
  • n w n e s n w e n n n
      Nina tells you 'Hello'
      Nina sighs loudly.
      You say 'What's wrong M'lady?'
      Nina says 'You are here to bother my father like all the others.'
  • n, n
      Aved tells you 'Welcome to my lair. How can I help you?'

      You say 'flask'

      Aved says 'Ahh, you seek the flask?.'

      You say 'yes'

      Aved says 'I created it to stop the evil that was taking over the village.'
      Aved says 'With the flask the villagers ridded the Village of all that '
      Aved says 'was unwanted.'

      Aved says 'Many assassins used to hang out here and do whatever they'
      Aved says 'pleased. The Villagers were too weak to defend themselves'
      Aved says 'so I made the Flask.'
      Aved says 'After the village had won the battle there was no reason to '
      Aved says 'keep such a powerful weapon around. so I tried to destroy it.'
      Aved says 'Instead of it being completely destroyed it shattered into'
      Aved says 'two pieces.'

      You say 'pieces'

      You say 'Do you know where any of them are?'
      Aved says 'I heard Madame Agnes in Anasazi might know where one piece is.'

      You say 'Oh, I will go to her then.'
      Aved says 'Wait, I'm not done talking yet!'
      Aved says 'once you have found both pieces, bring them to me and I will'
      Aved says 'help you put it back together.'
      You say 'Thanks for all the help.'
      Aved says 'It is my pleasure lowbie.'
      Aved says 'Now get going. You don't want any of the pieces to fall'
      Aved says 'into the wrong hands.'

      Go back to Nina (s, s)

      Nina tells you 'Hello' Nina says 'Lowbie, did my father agree to help you?'

      You say 'yes'

      Nina says 'I will do what I can to help you.'
      Nina says 'come back later and I will have some information for you.'
  • all s and d dumps you out of maze then north to agnes (fortune teller)
      Agnes says 'Ah, you are back....'
      Agnes says 'Master Aved had good news for you I hope?'

      You say 'yes'

      You say 'He said you might know where one of the pieces is.'

      Agnes says 'Hmmm....maybe I could try something.'
      Agnes looks deep into her crystal ball.
      Agnes looks deep into her crystal ball.
      The ball glows faintly with an eerie light, and clouds up.
      Agnes says 'Ahhh, there is one of the pieces you seek!'
      Agnes says 'It is buried deep within the graveyard of Midian.'

      You say 'midian'

      Agnes says 'Yes, it is an old mystical town not to far from here.'
      You say 'Well if its there, ill find it!'
      Agnes says 'Take this you will need it.'
      Agnes gives you a rusty old shovel.
      Agnes says 'Good journey.'
  • Head to Hartsvale sign
  • Head East
  • Search maze until you find Cuthbert Pass
  • Go north until T intersection = n into lake
  • West/north till you see Wyrm's River north
  • Head north in Wyrm's river. Search maze till you find Split Mountain
  • Go up, north a couple, find Midian Mountain with 'who yourself' and don't go up any further until you see yourself in Midian.
  • (At midian) Go up mountain all the way (have breath water on) and fall off (just wait)
  • n e w s e e
  • Follow Decayed Roadway until cemetery.
  • Type excavate in each room to find the correct place.
  • When excavate twice in the room, you will fall down into a room with a rotting corpse
  • Kill this mob and get the damnation blade
  • Get blade

For Damnation Blade

  • Go to Mulder in Anasazi
  • Give the damnation blade to him
  • Buy back the damnation blade from him
  • NOTE: You can do the buy the 1D55 Damnation blade with another character then you did the quest with.

For Erlenmeyer Flask

  • Have breath water on
  • Go back to Fortune Teller
      Agnes says 'Good, I see you have found the blade of the flask.'
      You say 'Yes, but there is still another piece.'
      Agnes says 'I know, Aved's daughter was here looking for you.'
      Agnes says 'I think she might know where it is. You should go to her.'
  • go to Nina again
      Nina tells you 'Hello'
      Nina hugs you tightly.
      Nina says 'There you are! I have been looking all over for you.'
      You say 'You have, why?'
      Nina says 'I know where the other piece is.'
      You say 'You do? Will you show me?'
      Nina says 'Yes I will.'
      Nina says 'Follow me and let me know when you are ready.'

      follow Nina or say 'Ready'
      You now follow Nina. You say 'ready'

      Nina says 'Okay, here we go!'
      Nina says 'My father built this house long ago. Though it is old,'
      Nina says 'I still find it quite cozy.'
      Nina says 'It is in there.'
      Nina points to the well.

      You climb into the well to look for yourself. 
      Kill mob and get all

      Go back to Nina (u 2n)
      Nina tells you 'Hello'
      Nina says 'Sorry, I had to leave.'
      Nina says 'I just didn't want my father to get mad.'
      You say 'How did you know where the other piece was?'
      Nina says 'When I was a little girl I found it while playing.'
      Nina says 'I knew my father would be mad so I threw it in the well.'
      Nina says 'Go now, take the pieces to him.'
  • n, n
  • Give both pieces to Aved (blade first, then ivory grip)
      Aved says 'Good work, I see you have retrieved both pieces.'
      You say 'Yes Master Aved, I have.' (automatically said)
      Aved says 'Quickly give me the pieces.'

      You give the Damnation Blade to Aved.

      Aved utters the words 'noitnmad' The blade of Damnation fills with rage!

      You give the Ivory grip to Aved.

      Aved utters the words 'reyemnelre'
      The grip and blade fuse together causing a loud boom!
      The grip soothes the blades rage.
      Aved says 'You have done well my son, take this you have earned it.'
      Aved gives you the Erlenmeyer Flask.
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