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  • Area: The Cathedral of Waterdeep
  • Quest level: 50
  • Notes:
    • You can only do once per reinc
    • To get all four pieces, do other quest with another character
    • Need to do Holy Grail quest before or during THIS quest
  • Directions to start of quest: Go to Waterdeep Cathedral (the entrance is inside Waterdeep)



  • Find the Altar, go north, open the hidden door (concealed) by using command "open doorway" then go west.
  • Find The Archbishop
the Archbishop says 'You look like a righteous soul.'
the Archbishop says 'I charge you with bringing The Holy Grail to me!'
You give the holy grail to the Archbishop.
the Archbishop says 'You have done well.'
the Archbishop says 'Go to the Bishop and he will see to your needs.'
the Bishop says 'Thank you for returning the Holy Grail.'
the Bishop says 'I fear I have something else to ask of you.'
the Bishop says 'A false priest has been raising the dead in our cemetery.'
the Bishop says 'Please deal with him for us.'
  • Go out to the cemetery. Find the Priest in the NW corner.
a traitorous priest says 'So those overblown windbags have sent you after me?'
a traitorous priest says 'Serve me further by becoming my undead minion!'
a traitorous priest says 'Would you care to make a deal?'

For Shield and Leggings of Faith

  • say no
You say 'no'
a traitorous priest says 'Very well then, you shall have to die.'
  • a traitorous priest attack you, kill him and go back to The Bishop
  • The Bishop gives you the Shield of Faith and the Leggings of Faith
  • You also get the (Faithful) title.

For Faithless Armband and Bracer

  • say yes
You say 'yes'
a traitorous priest says 'Kill the Archbishop and I will make it worthwhile.'
  • Go kill the Arch bishop
  • Go back to the traitorous priest, he will attack you
a traitorous priest says 'You have served me well.'
a traitorous priest says 'Serve me further by becoming my undead minion!'
  • Kill him and you get the Faithless Armband and the Faithless Bracer.
  • You also get the (Faithless) title.
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