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Equipment: Glittering Diamond
Area: Ethshar
Quest Level: 90

    * You need to have done the Black Dagger quest to do this quest.

Directions to start of quest:

    * N/A


Iridith says 'You look like someone that can help me.  One of my'
Iridith says 'enemies has cast a death spell on a friend of mine'
Iridith says 'Please find where they put the death mark for me.'
Iridith says 'If you need, one of my polished diamonds may help you.'

You can examine the diamond to see the activation command.

Go to the road in front of Heremon's Magic Shop and use the diamond.
You should find the Death Mark.

Go back to Iridith.

say 'Heremon'

Iridith says 'Thank you!  Now I will be able to remove it and save a life.'
Iridith says 'Here, take this as a reward for your services.'
Iridith gives you a glittering diamond.


a glittering diamond is type armor, extra flags magic anti-good anti-evil
Weight is 1, value is 1000000, level is 90
Armor class is 20.
Affects hp by 40.
Wear locations: Hold.
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