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Equipment: Horned Ring & Halaster Equipment
Area: Underdark
Quest Level: 50

    * N/A

Directions to start of quest:

    * Go to Waterdeep
    * Go to Yawning Portal Inn (this is 4 east of Mr. Thann's house).


After a while Durnan tells you a story about mages searching out Halaster in Underdark.

Say Halaster.  He tells you about Muiral the apprentice.  Give 1000 coins to
Durnan.  He opens the portal to Underdark.

Go down and north at the first junction.  Follow the path and keep going
down.  You should end up on the west side of Underdark.

Go find Muiral (SE corner).  She is aggro to the questor,  kill her.

Go find Talastria (NW corner).  She's aggro to the questor, kill her.

Go find Orannon.  He is in the middle of the area, aggressive, kill him.

Go find Archturia (S from Orannon a bit).  She is aggro, kill her.

Go find Trobriand.  He is on the west side of the area.  Kill him for the
Horned Ring.  It is auto-engrave.

Wear ring, type "halaster"

Go east and say "magic"


a horned ring is type armor, extra flags magic noremove.
weight is 1, value is 5000, level is 50.
13 ac
60 mana
wear: fingers
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