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  • Notes:
    • An assassin with shoot skill practiced, and a maxed intelligence.
    • Plenty of detect invis ability.
  • Directions to start of quest:
    • 2w,2s,3w,s,u
    • say refuge tribe, say midgaard,say waterdeep
    • d,2s,3d,3w,11s,4w
    • travel s,travel s,travel e,travel n,travel e
    • 2n,n,s,e,w,n,s,e,w,n,n,open gate,3n
    • This is the main safe square in Transylvania.


the blood ring is type armor, extra flags invis magic anti-evil
anti-neutral. Weight is 0, value is 1000000, level is 94. Armor class
is 10. Affects damage roll by 8. Affects hit roll by 3. Affects
intelligence by 5. Wear locations: Fingers.

the slayer armor is type armor, extra flags invis magic anti-evil
anti-neutral. Weight is 10, value is 1000000, level is 95. Armor class
is 20. Affects intelligence by 1. Affects damage roll by 7. Affects
mana by -130. Wear locations: Body.

the hunter's boots is type armor, extra flags invis magic anti-evil.
Weight is 5, value is 1000000, level is 95. Armor class is 17. Affects
dexterity by 2. Affects damage roll by 6. Affects hit roll by 3. Wear
locations: Feet.

a Vampire hunting belt is type armor, extra flags invis magic.
Weight is 1, value is 1000000, level is 95.
Armor class is 12.
Affects strength by 5.
Affects damage roll by 6.
Affects hit roll by 3.
Wear locations: Waist.

katana is type weapon, extra flags magic.
Weight is 1, value is 100000, level is 80.
Damage is 3d30.
Affects damage roll by 4.
Affects hit roll by -10.
Affects armor class by 10.
Wear locations: Wield.

ninja garb is type armor, extra flags invis magic anti-neutral.
Weight is 10, value is 1000000, level is 94.
Armor class is 17.
Affects strength by 1.
Affects damage roll by 8.
Affects hit roll by -14.
Wear locations: Body.

ninja chainarmor is type armor, extra flags invis magic anti-neutral.
Weight is 1, value is 1000000, level is 94. Armor class is 18. Affects
dexterity by 3. Affects damage roll by 6. Affects hit roll by -6. Wear
locations: Legs Arms.

ninja boots is type armor, extra flags invis magic anti-neutral.
Weight is 1, value is 1000000, level is 94.
Armor class is 15.
Affects dexterity by 4.
Affects damage roll by 7.
Wear locations: Feet.

the ninja scroll is type armor, extra flags invis magic anti-neutral.
Weight is 1, value is 1000000, level is 94. Armor class is 14. Affects
damage roll by 9. Affects intelligence by 4. Affects wisdom by -6.
Wear locations: Hold.

holy cross is type weapon, extra flags magic bless anti-evil.
Weight is 10, value is 1000000, level is 94.
Item is a range weapon. Hand to hand damage is 4d26.
It shoots ammo type 18300.
Affects mana by -140.
Affects damage roll by 4.
Affects intelligence by 3.
Wear locations: Wield.


   1. Go to the The Boar's Nest Tavern (e,s,e) and say rumors a few times. They key rumor you are looking to see is 'Katrina says '...the mayor has posted notices asking for 'help'.'

      You say 'rumors'

      Katrina says 'Hmm, I've heard that...'
      Katrina says '...werewolves can only be killed by a silver arrow.'

      You say 'rumors'

      Katrina says 'Hmm, I've heard that...'
      Katrina says '...the mayor has posted notices asking for 'help'.'

      You say 'rumors'

      Katrina says 'Hmm, I've heard that...'
      Katrina says '...a strange hermit lives in a cave beyond the forest.

   2. Go to the Mayor (w,3n). He will spam to you to investigate the murders, then say help.

      'You say 'help'

      the mayor tells you 'Hmm, you look like quite tough, so you are hired.'
      the mayor tells you 'We have had a few unexplainable deaths lately, so'
      the mayor tells you 'I want you to go investigate them.'

   3. Go to the Morgue (s,e) and say investigate.

      You say 'investigate'

      Scully says 'I see you have been talking with the mayor.'
      Scully says 'What do want to know about the corpses?'

   4. say cause of death

      You say 'cause of death'

      Scully says 'I have performed a routine examination on all ten corpses. They'
   5. say trauma to the neck and cranial cavity

      You say 'trauma to the neck and cranial cavity'

      Scully says 'The throat area has two small puncture wounds, which penetrate'
      Scully says 'the jugular vein. The victims have also been subjected to a'
      Scully says 'severe blow to the head. Would you like to know my theory?'

   6. say yes

      You say 'yes'

      Scully says 'I theorize that the murderer first incapacitated his victim with'
      Scully says 'a direct blow to the cranium. Then a sharp piercing instrument,'
      Scully says 'perhaps a needle, was used to exsanguinate the victim.'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'Scully, you are obviously denying the truth. We all'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'know that these innocent villagers are the'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'victim of a vampire.'
      Scully chuckles politely.
      Scully says 'Sherrif Duchovny. We all know that there are no such things as'
      Scully says 'vampires! They are only myths which are fabricated to frighten'
      Scully says 'small children. Clearly this is the work of a serial murder who'
      Scully says 'is using the myth to divert attention from the rational facts.'
      Scully laughs at Sherrif Duchovny mercilessly.
      Scully says 'Sherrif, think rationally for a moment. Do you actually believe'
      Scully says 'vampires exist and that they actually feed on human blood? You'
      Scully says 'know what I think? I think that you want to believe so much,'
      Scully says 'that it clouds your judgement.'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'Scully, you seem to forget that I have actually seen'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'a vampire. My sister was abducted by one when I was'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'a boy.'
      Sherrif Duchovny sniffs sadly.
      Scully says 'I can't believe you still tell that story. You should be out'
      Scully says 'looking for a murderer, not some nonexistant creature from a'
      Scully says 'children's bedtime story.'
      Scully says 'You don't want what happened 15 years ago to start up again.'
      Scully says 'The mayor is only jeopardizing the safety of the population.'
      Scully says 'Citizens buy garlic and crucifixes and believe they are safe.'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'Garlic and crucifixes are commonly known to ward away'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'vampires and other unholy creatures. If vampires are'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'not real, then why are all those vampire hunters in'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'town?'
      Scully says 'Those frauds are just here to cash in on the reward. They'
      Scully says 'are probably thieves who wish to steal the ancient artifacts'
      Scully says 'from the Belmont tomb. But then again, Belmont was purported'
      Scully says 'to be a vampire hunter.'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'Scully, if you are so dead set that there are no'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'vampires, how about we make a little wager. If I get'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'proof that vampires exist, then I win. If I win, then'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'you will have to be my love slave for a week.'
      Scully sits down and thinks deeply.
      Scully says 'That is so disgusting. You men are all alike.'
      Scully pukes.
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'What's the matter? Are you afraid that I will find'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'proof, thereby invalidating your scientific claims?'
      Scully says 'I'm am so confident that they do not exist, that I am willing'
      Scully says 'to up the bet. If I win, then you will have to promote me to'
      Scully says 'sherrif. Also, you have to find proof within one week. If'
      Scully says 'you can't produce any definate proof, then I win. Agreed?'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'Okay, I agree. If I win, you will have to do anything'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'I say for a whole month.'
      Sherrif Duchovny looks at all of you.
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'Which one of you is a vampire hunter?'

   7. say i am.

      You say 'i am'

      Scully laughs at you mercilessly. Hmmmmph.
      Scully says 'Vampire hunter...hahahaha!'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'Sol, I suggest you go around and explore the town.'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'The gates close at 8pm so make sure you get back.'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'You should sleep all sleep at the inn after that.'
   8. Go to The Boar's Nest Tavern (w,2s,e) and sleep there until, at 12:00 AM, you see:

      You wake and stand up.
      Winona shouts 'Help! Someone help me!'
      You are awakened by a scream in the night!
      You say 'She must be getting attacked. We must STOP it at once!'

   9. Go w,n,e to Winona. Once you are inside the questor needs to say stop

      You say 'stop'

      The wolf is startled by your voice and turns around.

  10. Fight the werewolf until you see:

      The wolf sqeals in pain and runs out the door.
      You say 'We should go report this to the Sherrif.'

  11. Go to the Morgue (w,n,e) and say werewolf

      Scully says 'Sol, that looks like a very nasty wound. An animal bite?'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'What the hell just happened? I heard a scream.'

      You say 'werewolf'

      Sherrif Duchovny says 'A werewolf eh? Well if werewolves exist then'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'so must vampires. I win the bet!'
      Scully says 'A werewolf? If you were attacked by a werewolf, wouldn't you'
      Scully says 'be diseased then? Well I know of no cure if that's the case.'
      Scully laughs.
      Scully says 'I don't see any vampire, so the bet is still on.'
      Scully says 'You had better go back to the inn and get some sleep.'
      Scully says 'If you are really sickened after that, then maybe the gypsies'
      Scully says 'can help you.'
      Scully chuckles politely.

  12. Go to The Boar's Nest Tavern again (w,2s,e).

      Beads of sweat run down your face and you feel sick.
      You had better seek a help for your disease!
  13. Go to the gypsie Madame Veronica (w,2n,w,2n,3,n,3e). Note: the gate leading north out of town is only open durning the day, which begins at 5:00 AM.

  14. say disease

      You say 'disease'

      The wound rakes you with pain!
      Madame Veronica says 'My child, you have been cursed by a lycanthrope!'
      Madame Veronica says 'Lucky, I know a cure for your affliction.'

  15. say cure

      You say 'cure'

      Madame Veronica says 'Yes, but I will need ingredients to make a potion.'

  16. say ingredients

      You say 'ingredients'

      Madame Veronica says 'The ingredients are: Gills of a swamp creature,'
      Madame Veronica says 'A chunk of swamp flesh, a vial of holy water,'
      Madame Veronica says 'a pumpkin, and the blood of a werewolf.'
      Madame Veronica says 'Find those things, and bring them to me.'

  17. say blood of a werewolf

      You say 'blood of a werewolf'

      Madame Veronica says 'The blood of the werewolf is the hardest to obtain.'
      Madame Veronica says 'Only a shot from a silver arrow can kill a werewolf.'
      Madame Veronica says 'Perhaps Fiona can help you with that.'

  18. Go to Fiona (w,s) and say silver arrow

      Fiona says 'What can I help you with strangers?'

      You say 'silver arrow'

      Fiona says 'I am sorry, but I am out of silver arrows. But, I can make'
      Fiona says 'one if you bring me a silver nugget. Perhaps you can find some'
      Fiona says 'in the mountains to the north.'

  19. Go to A general store in town (n,2w,s,w,2s,w,3s) and buy an axe and a whittling knife and a shovel.

  20. Go to Father Collins (2n,w) and buy a vial of holy water.

  21. Go to the Headless Horsman (e,n,e,2n,e,3n,e) and kill him. Note: send in your tank first, then bring the rest of the group.

  22. wield axe, then chop. After you chop you will have a piece of wood in your inventory because the head of the axe will fly off.

      You wield an axe.

      The head of the axe goes flying off as you chop a piece of wood!

  23. wield whittle, and whittle. Note: After you whittle you will have a sharp stake in your inventory. This isn't part of curing the disease, but you will need it later in the quest and it is on the way to the nugget .

      You wield a whittling knife.
      You sit down and whittle the wood into a sharp stake!

  24. Go to nugget room (2n,w) and get nugget.

  25. Return to Fiona (e,2s,w,3s,2e,s) and give nugget fiona.

      You give a nugget of silver to Fiona.
      Fiona says 'Yes, this will do very nicely! It will take a moment.'
      Fiona says 'comeback in a little bit, and it should be ready.'

  26. While Fiona is making your silver arrow it is time to collect more of the ingredience: Gills of a swamp creature, A chunk of swamp flesh, a pumpkin.

          * A pumpkin - from Fiona's go (n,2w,s,e,s). When the mob dies get pumpkin.
          * A chunk of swamp flesh - from pumpkin go (n,w,2n,2e,s). Note: this mob is aggressive. Send in the tank first, then the rest of the group. When the mob dies get chunk.
          * Gills of a swamp creature - gills are located one east. Note: this mob is aggressive. Send in the tank first, then the rest of the group. When the mob dies get gills.

  27. Return to Fiona (w,n,2w,s,2e,s) and buy silver and buy bow.

      Fiona says 'Okay, the arrow is done. You may buy it from me now.'

      You buy a silver arrow for 960000 gold.
      You buy a bow for 99 gold.

  28. Finally it is time for the last ingredient, the blood of a werewolf. From Fiona go (n,2w,3n,e,2n,w,n). If you have detect hidden on you will see an exit down: A hidden cave. Inside this cave during daylight hours is a Naked Man, however when night comes he turns into the werewolf we are after. Therefore, sit tight and wait for nightfall. When night hits you will see some different spams. Wait for a few of them to go by. Some examples are:

          * There is a full moon out tonight.
          * You hear a fearsome growl echoing around you.

  29. Now it's time to kill the werewolf.

          * Have the assassin wield bow.
          * Have the assassin get rid of any arrows on him besides the Silver Arrow
          * Have the assassin get detect invis on.
          * Have the assassin shoot down werewolf. Note: the room cannot be sanctified when the assassin shoots the werewolf.

  30. If the assassin successfully hits the werewolf with the Silver Arrow, take your party down and kill him and get blood.
          * If the assassin misses the werewolf, have him go stealth and go down and try to get the arrow on the ground. Sometimes it is there, sometimes not. If he successfully gets the arrow, go back up and shoot the werewolf again.
          * If the arrow was gone, wait until daybreak and the werewolf has turned into a Naked Man. Kill the man, go back to Fiona and make another arrow, then come back to this spot and do it again until you successfully hit the werewolf with a Silver Arrow and get the blood.

  31. Return to Madame Veronica (u,s,e,2s,w,3s,3e) and give her all of the ingredience and then say make the potion please. Once again, the list of ingredience is: Gills of a swamp creature, A chunk of swamp flesh, a vial of holy water, a pumpkin, and the blood of a werewolf. Note: on the way back to Veronica check for the Headless Horseman before you go in that room, if he is there send your tank in first.

  32. Return all of your party except the questor to the The town square (3w,s,w,3s).

  33. When Madame Veronica's potion is ready she will spam you with The potion is ready, come and get it!!!.

  34. Return to Madame Veronica (e).

      Madame Veronica is here.
      Madame Veronica tells you 'The medicine is done, enjoy it.'
      You drink some of the medicine and fall asleep.
      You sleep.
  35. The questor must remain sleeping until the Mayor's daughter, Shania, shouts for help. The questor will automatically be woken up and given some spam about saving her.

  36. Go (w,2n,2w,n) and say stop.
          * At this point the Vampire will stop attacking Shania and attack you. Bring your party in to help you kill the Vampire.
          * The questor must get the last hit and must have the wooden stake in the inventory. If you do not have the stake in your inventory, you will not get A bloody scroll which has the directions through the ethereal maze later in the quest. If you do have the stake you will see the following:

      A fanged man is DEAD!!
      You receive 143931 experience points.
      Sol hammers a wooden stake into the chest of man!
      The corpse of the man turns to dust!
      You hear a fanged man's death cry.
      You get everything from corpse of a fanged man.

  37. get scroll

  38. Return to Mayor Van Fossen (s,2e,n) and he will spam you with:

      the mayor says 'I have had it. That attack on my daughter is the last'
      the mayor says 'straw. We can't just sit around and let them attack us'
      the mayor says 'at will. For all I know, my daughter may turn into one'
      the mayor says 'of them. I wanna see which one of you slayers is the '
      the mayor says 'best. Go work it out amongst yourselves and come back.'
  39. The Mayor wants you to fight other Vampire hunters to prove which one of you is best. You opponents are located back at the inn. So go to the inn (3s,e) and you will be challeged by Sung Mina first.

      Sung Mina pokes you in the ribs.
      Sung Mina says 'The mayor wants to find out which one of us is the best'
      Sung Mina says 'slayer. I challenge you to a fight. Do you accept?'

  40. say yes, kill Sung Mina, heal yourself back up and return to the inn again where you will be challenged by Mitsurugi.

      Mitsurugi pokes you in the ribs.
      mitsurugi says 'The mayor wants to see which one of us is the strongest.'
      mitsurugi says 'I challenge you to a fight, but I must warn you, I am strong.'
      mitsurugi says 'Do you accept my challenge?'

  41. say yes, kill Mitsurugi, heal yourself back up and return to the inn again where you will be challenged by Taki.

      Taki pokes you in the ribs.
      Taki says 'The mayor wants to find out which one of us is the best slayer.'
      Taki says 'I challenge you to a fight. Do you accept?'

  42. say yes, kill Taki.

  43. Return to Mayor Van Fossen. I was always transported to Town Square after each fight. If you were also, then go (e,2n) to the mayor.

      the mayor says 'So you are the best out of the bunch. Your task now is'
      the mayor says 'to find out the vampire's origin. Go there and kill the'
      the mayor says 'master vampire. Only then will I be ensured that my girl'
      the mayor says 'does not turn into one. Go and seek out any information'
      the mayor says 'from the townsfolk that you can.'
      the mayor says 'Remember, only a true hunter can kill him.'
  44. Go to Father Collins (s,2w,s,w) and he will spam you with:

      Father Collins says 'Ah, it's not everyday that I get to meet a Vampire'
      Father Collins says 'hunter. I guess you have come here for information.'
      Father Collins says 'Can I interest you in a mallet or wooden stake?'

  45. say information

      You say 'information'

      Father Collins says 'I am glad you have come to seek my help. I will now tell'
      Father Collins says 'you all that I know. I hope that is helpful.'
      Father Collins sits down and begins to speak:
      Father Collins says 'First of all, a vampire can only be slain by decapitation'
      Father Collins says 'or by a stake through the heart. Also, not just anyone'
      Father Collins says 'can slay a master. Only a true slayer can strike the'
      Father Collins says 'final blow....'
      Father Collins says 'A master vampire however, requires you to perform a'
      Father Collins says 'ritual before you can actually slay it....'
      Father Collins says 'You first must find the coffin of the vampire, and line'
      Father Collins says 'it with the soil of his homeland...'
      Father Collins says 'Then you must place communion wafers within, and pour'
      Father Collins says 'a vial of holy water to bless the coffin.'
      Father Collins says 'Next, you must recite a 'holy prayer', which will purify '
      Father Collins says 'the coffin, and not allow the vampire to return to it.'
      Father Collins says 'Only then can the vampire be fully destroyed.'
      Father Collins says 'I know not the 'origin of the evil'. Perhaps the gypsies'
      Father Collins says 'can enlighten you in this matter. If you have any other'
      Father Collins says 'questions, ask them now.'

  46. say holy prayer

      You say 'holy prayer'

      Father Collins says 'Ah, the proper prayer can be found within this book.'
      Father Collins says 'I will sell it to you for an acceptable price.'

  47. buy prayer

      You buy book of prayers for 145500 gold.

  48. say soil

      You say 'soil'

      Father Collins says 'Soil from a vampires homeland eh? You will have to go'
      Father Collins says 'dig some when you find where the vampire lives.'

  49. say origin

      You say 'origin'

      Father Collins says 'Perhaps the gypsies can help you find the origin.'

  50. buy vial, buy wafer

  51. Get detect hidden on and go to Master Wu (e,s,w,d). He will spam you with:

      Master Wu says 'I see you have defeated my daughter Taki in combat. You must'
      Master Wu says 'be a mighty slayer to have defeated her. Perhaps you can do'
      Master Wu says 'a task for me.'

  52. say task

      You say 'task'

      Master Wu says 'Many years ago, I rescued a young woman from a master vampire.'
      Master Wu says 'She had a son whom I raised as my own, and taught the ways of'
      Master Wu says 'the ninja vampire hunter....'
      Master Wu pauses for a second...
      Master Wu says 'He was amazingly strong and agile, and was by far my best'
      Master Wu says 'student. He quickly mastered all I had to teach, and proved'
      Master Wu says 'to be a mighty vampire hunter....'
      Master Wu thinks for a second...
      Master Wu says 'Using his powers of stealth, he could easily infiltrate the'
      Master Wu says 'dens of the prey he sought. Armed with the hunters bow,'
      Master Wu says 'katana, and wooden stakes, he would easily put the unholy'
      Master Wu says 'ones to rest....'
      Master Wu takes a deep breath.
      Master Wu says 'All went well until that one fateful night, when my son'
      Master Wu says 'discovered his true roots, and realized his destiny.'
      Master Wu says 'I wish now that I had not told him the 'truth'.'
      Master Wu sighs loudly

  53. say truth

      You say 'truth'

      Master Wu says 'Yes, the truth...The truth is that he is son of Vlad Tepes,'
      Master Wu says 'also known as the Prince of Darkness, or Count Dracula.'
      Master Wu says 'You see, twenty five years ago....'
      Master Wu says 'I was sent on a mission to destroy Count Dracula. I'
      Master Wu says 'infiltrated his dark fortress in the ethereal realm, and'
      Master Wu says 'fought my way to the inner chamber using my bow and sword...'
      Master Wu thinks for a second...
      Master Wu says 'It was there that I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever'
      Master Wu says 'seen. The only thing on my mind then was to rescue this'
      Master Wu says 'woman from that evil place. But before I left...'
      Master Wu thinks for a second...Master Wu says 'I used all my power to seal the ethereal doorway, so that he'
      Master Wu says 'could never return to this realm. Shortly after she bore a'
      Master Wu says 'child. This child was Alucard, the son of Dracula....'
      Master Wu pauses for a second...
      Master Wu says 'She blessed me with two more daughters after Alucard was born,'
      Master Wu says 'but passed away shortly after the birth of Yohko. It was on'
      Master Wu says 'that day that I told Alucard the truth about his bloodline.'
      Master Wu thinks for a second...
      Master Wu says 'He changed that day, I could see it in his eyes. He left this'
      Master Wu says 'village that day, swearing he would defeat Dracula or die in'
      Master Wu says 'the attemp...'
      Master Wu takes a deep breath...
      Master Wu says 'A few days ago, the magical seal was broken. Alucard is the'
      Master Wu says 'only one with enough power to penetrate the seal. I fear he'
      Master Wu says 'has been captured, or worse yet killed. '
      Master Wu thinks for a second...
      Master Wu says 'Mighty slayer, your task now is to find the ancient fortress'
      Master Wu says 'and finish the task I failed so long ago. Do you accept'
      Master Wu says 'this mission slayer?'

  54. say accept

      You say 'accept'

      Master Wu says 'The only thing I can offer you is this sword. Use it with'
      Master Wu says 'honor, great slayer.'
      Master Wu gives you katana.
      Master Wu says 'Go now and speak to the gypsies about the 'Origin'.'
      Master Wu says 'One last thing, The entrance to Dracula's inner chamber is'
      Master Wu says 'very well defended. Only one who possesses the power to'
      Master Wu says 'disappear into the shadows can hope to pass the final test.'
      Master Wu says 'Remember these final words, your life will depend on it.'

  55. Go to Sabrina (u,e,2n,e,2n,e,n,2e,n) and say origin

      You say 'origin'

      Sabrina says 'I only tell you this because you are a hunter of the nosferatu.'
      Sabrina says 'That which you seek lies beyond the dark forest, atop the skull'
      Sabrina says 'mountain. There you will find a pool of swirling ether. After'
      Sabrina says 'that, I do not know. None who have ventured passed there have'
      Sabrina says 'ever returned. Good luck slayer, may the gods be with you.'

  56. Go to the top of Skull Mountain (s,2w,3n,e,2n,4u) and:

          * cast ethereal travel on questor
          * questor set speed to walk
          * questor go n,e,w,u,n,d,e,d,n,n,e,e,d,e,d,w,e,d,n,e,s,d
          * you are now at the entrance to Count Dracula's castle 

  57. Questor hold shovel, and dig.
          * You should now have the soil that you need to line Dracula's coffin with in your inventory.
          * If you have not been cured of the disease and try to enter Dracula's Castle you will be slain.

  58. Verify that you have the following in the questor's inventory:

          * soil
          * holy water
          * communion wafer
          * book of prayers
          * wooden stake

  59. At this point we are going to use the backdoors in Legend's clanhall so everyone gohome.

  60. Kill the Mummy.
          * spell up everyone in the group
          * open sesame
          * go north
          * send your tank north, wait a 1/2 second, then follow with the rest of the group
          * be prepared for the mass acid the Mummy casts when he hits 10% health
          * when the Mummy dies, a room north will appear
          * sanctify the current room
          * get spelled up/healed up

  61. Go north to The Grim Reaper and have the tank attack.

          * upon death, you will be tranported to the Sphere room. In this room no spells can be cast, pills eaten, or potions quaffed.

  62. Have the assassin:
          * stealth
          * go one north
          * wield bow, get a non Silver arrow out
          * shoot south sphere
          * return south
          * upon the sphere's death, the room up to Dracula opens

  63. The quest breaks into two parts for assassins after the Ninja equipment, and one for the Hunter equipment. Assassins see instructions for #64, Hunter equipment people go to #65.

  64. Killing Alucard for Assassins/Assassin combo's.
          * Note: questor must kill Alucard. The other assassins or assassin combos can go auto quick divert to prevent them from doing damage when Alucard is almost dead.
          * everyone get spelled up, including detect hidden/invis
          * only people with stealth can go to Alucard
          * stealth up
          * go 2 north
          * the questor will receive spam from Alucard asking if you intend to release or kill him
          * say release

            You say 'release'

            You break the chains which bind the prisoner.
            Alucard says 'Thank you Sol. I sense that you have met Master Wu.'
            Alucard says 'You surely must know who I am. He must have sent you'
            Alucard says 'after me. Correct?'

          * say yes

            You say 'yes'

            Alucard says 'It is my destiny to destroy my father. This I must do alone.'
            You say 'You are a fool if you think you can defeat him alone!'
            Alucard says 'A fool? I am Alucard, the Son of Dracula!'
            Alucard says 'Don't you understand? I am the only one who can defeat him! '
            You say 'Even a mighty slayer like me cannont defeat him alone!'
            You say 'What makes you think you can?'
            Alucard says 'Fool! You believe yourself to be a mighty hunter, yet how many'
            Alucard says 'vampires have you actually slain? I know many techniques which'
            Alucard says 'you do not.'
            Squire Slain says 'Some gratitude for freeing you. You aren't so tough.'
            Alucard says 'Oh? Is that a challenge of my ability? Prepare yourself!'
            Alucard says 'I have waited long enough! Die!
          * Upon death Alucard will say:

            Alucard says 'You have proven yourself a mighty slayer, mightier than I.'
            Alucard says 'I now know the folly of my ways. I shall leave this castle'
            Alucard says 'and return to my home town. Farewell.'
            Alucard says 'See my master after you have defeated Dracula!'

          * Everyone gohome and get spelled up for Dracula. See instructions #65.

  65. Killing Dracula for Assassins & Hunters

          * Note: the questor must get the killing blow on Dracula so have aliases set up and ready for all classes to auto quick something that does not cause damage. A couple examples are: ills use faerie fire, asn/asn combos use divert, rangers use rescue with no target.
          * group everyone together again
          * open sesame
          * n,u
          * the questor does the following:
          * put soil coffin
          * put vial coffin
          * put wafer coffin
          * You need to recite the holy prayer, so look ritual and you will see:

            Fill the coffin with soil from the evil ones home land,
            and line with holy water and communion wafers.
            Then recite the holy words

            Salve Davae! Gnomorum magnus Deus
            Omnia libertas er iustitia
            Davae vobiscum

            and the coffin shall be sealed from evil

          * say Salve Davae! Gnomorum magnus Deus

            You say 'Salve Davae! Gnomorum magnus Deus'
            A small draft blows the soil in the coffin.

          * say Omnia libertas er iustitia

            You say 'Omnia libertas er iustitia'
            A faint glow starts to emminate from the coffin.

          * say Davae vobiscum

            You say 'Davae vobiscum'
            The coffin glows with an intense light.

            A swirling green mist starts to take form in front of you.
            Count Dracula says 'Well well well, it seems I have visitors to my castle.'
            Count Dracula says 'And look what you have done to my coffin! I must admit'
            Count Dracula says 'you are the first to make it this far in a long long time.'
            Count Dracula says 'I must say that I welcome your company. It will save me'
            Count Dracula says 'the trouble of hunting tonight...'
            Count Dracula says 'Now, which one of you is the great vampire hunter?'

          * say i am

                o Dracula will spell up and randomly attack someone
                o have a ranger/tank rescue the person if it is a low hp char
                o make sure no one attacks Dracula before Dracula attacks someone in the party or you will fail the quest
                o upon death of Dracula you will see:

                  Count Dracula is DEAD!!
                  Sol plunges a wooden stake into the heart of Dracula
                  Count Dracula says 'You have fought with honor slayer...'
                  Count Dracula says 'I shall rise again in 100 years, be ready!'
                  You say 'My decendants will be ready for you, Count Dracula!'
                  Sol Slices off the vampires head with a mightly blow.
                  Count Dracula gives you the finger, right before losing his hand.
                  You get everything from corpse of Count Dracula.
                  A vampire's head falls out onto the floor.

                o get head
                o everyone gohome and get fixed up

  66. Return to Mayor Van Fossen. He will put the seal to Simon Belmont's tomb in your inventory.

      the mayor says 'Welcome back slayer!'
      the mayor says 'For your noble deed, I will reward you with the armor'
      the mayor says 'of Simon Belmont. Take this seal, it will open the'
      the mayor says 'Tomb of Belmont. Once again thank you.'
      The mayor gives you a magical seal.

  67. Go to Sheriff Duchovny (s,e) and give head sheriff.

      You give a vampire's head to Sherrif Duchovny.
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'You did it Sol! The head of Count Dracula!'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'If this isn't proof enough that vampires exists,'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'I don't know what is. I win! I win!'

      Scully says 'Let me see that head. I wish to examine it first.'
      Scully says 'For all I know, it can be just a regular head of a corpse.'

      Sherrif Duchovny says 'Sure thing, if you insist.'
      Sherrif Duchovny gives the head to the mortician.
      Scully chops open the head and examines the brain.
      Scully pulls out the teeth of the severed head and examines them.

      Scully says 'I can't explain this...'
      Scully says 'Though I am still skeptical...I must admit this does look '
      Scully says 'like the head of a vampire. So, your place or mine?'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'Mine will do just fine. Let's go, I can't wait!'
      Sherrif Duchovny leaves the room.
      Sherrif Duchovny arrives suddenly.
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'I almost forgot.'
      Sherrif Duchovny says 'Here, take this as a token of my thanks.'
      Sherrif Duchovny drops the blood ring.
      Sherrif Duchovny waves happily.
      Sherrif Duchovny exits again.
      Scully waves goodbye and exits the room.

  68. The blood ring should be in your inventory. Note: He sometimes drops the ring.

  69. Return to Master Wu (w,2s,3w,d)

      Master Wu says 'Alucard has informed me what you have done.'
      Master Wu says 'I can only offer you some items as a reward.'
      Master Wu says 'Unfortunately, the are sealed in the Belmont'
      Master Wu says 'Tomb. The mayor has the seal which can open it.'

  70. Go to Richter (u,e,2n,e,2n,e,n,2w).

      Richter says 'Sol! I see you have the magic seal which opens my'
      Richter says 'ancestors tomb.'
      Richter says 'May I have it? Those artifacts are rightfully mine.'
      Richter says 'They belong to my family!'

  71. give seal richter

      You give a magical seal to Richter.
      Richter says 'Thank you Sol! I am glad I didn't have to kill you for it!'
      Richter opens the crypt with the magic seal.

  72. steal seal richter

  73. go west

      Ghost of Belmont says 'Greetings Sol!'
      Ghost of Belmont says 'If you have come this far, you must be a worthy slayer.'
      Ghost of Belmont says 'Take these artifacts and use them well.'
      Ghost of Belmont says 'Now it is time for me to leave this realm.'
      Ghost of Belmont says 'Farewell, and remember to fight evil at all costs!'
      Ghost of Belmont opens a secret comparment, revealing magic artifacts!
      Ghost of Belmont fades out of existance.

  74. get all
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