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  • When you go to the ley-lines south of the city of eternity, your mana heals a lot faster.
a mage-focus is type armor, extra flags glow hum magic noremove.
Weight is 2, value is 500000, level is 75.
Armor class is 15.
Affects mana by 50.
Affects dexterity by 2.
Wear locations: Neck.


   1. To get to Magic Zone, find a portal anywhere in the realms that leads to it. One is on the way to Olympus and looks like this if you wait a while:

      (White Aura) A strange-looking fellow wearing some strange armor stands here in a circle of Power, calling upon some strange magic.
      You feel the faint presence of some strange magic here.
      You hear a faint crackling sound. The hair on the back of your neck begins to rise.
      Tongues of blue-white energy begin to emerge from a point in mid-air.
      The bolts of energy form a circle, and with a flash of light, a Portal appears.
      You lose conciousness as you are sucked into the Portal.

   2. Go see the Mercenary Mage outside the east bridge of the City of Eternity. (from the east bridge he is E N)
   3. Say 'yes'

      Mercernary mage nods his head in approval.
      Mercernary mage says 'Excellent. You may have noticed feeling power there...'
      Mercernary mage says 'This is to be expected...a ley line is a 'river' of magical energy...'
      Mercernary mage says 'When they meet, they form what is called a nexus, or node. This can mean'
      Mercernary mage says 'that you can tap a wealth of power. At this nexus, however, there is a'
      Mercernary mage says 'price. The price is that the nexus is unstable, and occasionally, a rift'
      Mercernary mage says 'forms and sucks you in. This *can* be gotten around though...'

   4. Say 'how?'

      Mercernary mage says 'Well, you need a focus, like the one I wear. The excess energy will be'
      Mercernary mage says 'channeled away from you if you wear it while at the nexus point.'
      Mercernary mage says 'Unfortunately, you don't have one, and I don't have a spare...but if you '
      Mercernary mage says 'were to get the components, I would gladly make you one...for a small fee.'

   5. Say 'components'

      Mercernary mage says 'All right. You will need a chain of some sort to hang the mount for '
      Mercernary mage says 'the focus on. The focus needs to be some sort of stone...preferably a'
      Mercernary mage says 'good one. You also need something which is both gold and not gold.'
      Mercernary mage says 'For the mount itself, a piece of some precious metal would be good.'
      Mercernary mage says 'When you have the components, come find me, and tell me that you are'
      Mercernary mage says 'ready.'

   6. Say 'fee'

      Mercernary mage says '100,000 gold coins. It's not so much for such a useful thing now, is it?'

   7. Now gather the components. They are:
          * A twisted piece of platinum: head west out of the city of eternity and look for a Rough Road to the north. Travel along that road through the Thalesian mountains. The platinum is on the ground in 'A spacious cavern'
          * A piece of faceted amber: this is found on random Mage-Warriors. Kill them until one drops.
          * A smooth stone: this is found on the ground north of the city of eternity, in a room called 'End of a woodland path'. (it helps to have configb -castles here)
          * A silver chain: this is found on random Mage-Warriors also. 

   8. Return to the Mercenary Mage
   9. say 'i am ready'

      Mercernary mage says 'Wonderful.'
      Mercernary mage says 'Now give me the mount, the focus, the gold which is not'
      Mercernary mage says 'gold, and the chain. In that order, please.'
      Mercernary mage says 'If you get the order wrong, just say 'I goofed. I'm a fool.'
      Mercernary mage smiles happily.

  10. Give him the items in this order (as he says, if you goof, say 'I goofed. I'm a fool.' and he drops everything so you can start over)

      You give a twisted piece of platinum to Mercernary mage.
      Mercernary mage says 'Now the focus, please.'
      You give a piece of faceted amber to Mercernary mage.
      Mercernary mage says 'The gold which is not gold?'
      You give a smooth stone to Mercernary mage.
      Mercernary mage says 'And the chain?'
      You give a silver chain to Mercernary mage.
      Mercernary mage says 'That's everything. The money please?'
      You give Mercernary mage 100000 gold coins.
      Mercernary mage quickly counts the cash.
      Mercernary mage nods his head in approval.
      Mercernary mage smiles at you.
      Mercernary mage says ' goes!'
      Mercernary mage summons the forces of earth magic!
      Mercernary mage mounts the amber in the gold setting.
      Mercernary mage releases the earth magic into the small grey stone, splitting it into four small, rounded stones and a slender ring slightly bigger than the focus stone. Mercernary mage fuses the stones with the mount.
      Mercernary mage hangs the mounted focus onto the chain.
      The amber begins to glow softly.
      Mercernary mage gives you a mage-focus.
      Mercernary mage says 'I hope it serves you well. Nice doing business with you.'
      Mercernary mage winks suggestively at you.
      Mercernary mage says 'What did you want?'
      Mercernary mage says 'Good thing I'm honest. Here's your money back.'
      Mercernary mage gives you 70560 gold coins.
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