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Equipment: Meat Cleaver
Area: Midnight Mansion
Quest Level: 4

    * N/A

Directions to start of quest:

    * N/A


   1. Kill cook (cleric must get killing blow)
   2. Get cleaver
   3. Wait for cook to repop
   4. Give cleaver cook

      the cook looks at the meat cleaver in awe.
      the cook says 'You killed me before, and yet you are returning my favored
      meat cleaver. Why?'
      You start to reply, but are cut short.
      the cook says 'No, I don't need to know. However, since you have been so
      kind to me, I will in return be kind to you. This meat cleaver can only
      be enchanted by a spell which only I know. Once I have invoked the spell,
      I can then give you the meat cleaver and the spell will remain in full
      effect. It is the least I can do for you.'
      the cook gives you meat cleaver.
      the cook thanks you heartily.


meat cleaver is type weapon, extra flags magic hum
Weight is 16, value is 300000, level is 4
Damage is 3d6
Affects armor class by 6
Affects intelligence by -2
Affects dexterity by -2
Wear locations: Wield
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