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The little girl is here asking everyone a question.
  • say yes;say no;say yes
You say 'yes'
A little girl tells you 'Liar! You're lying to a 13-yr. old. How could you?'
A little girl bursts into tears.

You say 'no'
A little girl tells you 'Will you help me find him?'

You say 'yes'
A little girl thanks you heartily.
A little girl tells you 'When you find him, tell him that mother and I miss him.'
A little girl tells you 'Tell him to come home.'
  • Find A woman that is looking for her daughter (from the well: 2 e;2 n;4 e;n)
A woman bursts into tears.
A woman tells you 'Is my daughter all right? Oh! What kind of a mother am I,'
A woman tells you 'letting my daughter run around like that.'
A woman tells you 'Ever since a couple years ago when my husband run off'
A woman tells you 'looking for some silly quest, he hasn't been home since.'
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
A woman tells you 'All I know is that he's suppose to go searching with another'
A woman tells you 'guy, but my husband, Kyle Laust, told me that at the last minute'
A woman tells you 'he decided not to go. So if you can find him, maybe he knows'
A woman tells you 'where my husband went. His name is....umm......John Smith.'
A woman tells you 'Please hurry and find my husband.'
  • Locate A wealthy man that has the skull ring and tooth necklace.
A very wealthy man sits behind the desk reading some document.
  • say John Smith;say Kyle Laust;say lost city
You say 'John Smith'
A wealthy man tells you 'No one has called me that in years. Ever since that...'
A wealthy man tells you 'What do you want?'
You say 'Kyle Laust'
A wealthy man tells you ''
A wealthy man composes himself.
A wealthy man tells you 'We were suppose to go into the "old city" looking for'
A wealthy man tells you 'a clue. It's suppose to lead us to this "lost city."'
A wealthy man tells you 'But that bastard decided to go without me. Do you believe'
A wealthy man tells you 'the nerve of that guy after all I done for him. Hmmmph.'
You say 'lost city'
A wealthy man tells you 'All I know is that it's a legendary city. There is'
A wealthy man tells you 'suppose to be treasure there that's worth a fortune.'
A wealthy man tells you 'But it's also prophesied that "he who takes the treasure,'
A wealthy man tells you '"dark spirit" shall fall upon them."'
A wealthy man tells you 'Now leave!'
  • Buy some ropes from the A guide (From well: 4 w;2 s).
  • Go back to the well. Go North to the boulder
  • Go invisible (otherwise you will be attacked by VERY tough mobs). Type: "climb".
You take out the rope and climb over the boulder.
  • Notes:
    • DO NOT go North into the cave
    • there are couple of wells around the place, each time someone talks to A ghost it moves to other well
  • Find the well with A ghost in it (climb)
You see a worn-down well here.
  • say Kyle Laust;say yes
You say 'Kyle Laust'
A ghost tells you 'I was once a man known by that name.'
A ghost tells you 'But what is left of me is an empty shell.'
A ghost tells you 'I can never go back to see my daughter or my'
A ghost tells you 'beautiful wife ever again.'
A ghost bursts into tears.
A ghost tells you 'This is the fate of a treasure hunter.'
A ghost tells you 'It's funny how I died, I was running away from'
A ghost tells you 'something and didn't look where I was going.'
A ghost tells you 'I hit the side of the well and fell in.'
A ghost laughs out loud.
A ghost tells you 'But I do have some unfinish business in this world.'
A ghost tells you 'And only you can help me now.'
A ghost tells you 'Will you help me?'
A ghost starts moaning.
You say 'yes'
A ghost smiles happily.
A ghost thanks you heartily.
A ghost tells you 'I'd still have this urge to seek out the treasure'
A ghost tells you 'in the lost city, but I cannot for I can't leave'
A ghost tells you 'this dwelling. But before I died, I did manage to'
A ghost tells you 'put a name to the place it is located.'
A ghost tells you 'Go find a guide and hire him to take you to "dawa".'
A ghost tells you 'G'luck my friend, may I call you friend?'
A ghost tells you 'Don't mind me, being trap here for eternity is'
A ghost tells you 'not something I enjoy.'
A ghost waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.
The ghost disappear through the wall.

  • Go back to A guide in town
  • NOTE: Each character in your party has to do the quest in order to proceed to Mictlan. You must have an elementalist in your party. It is very useful to have someone in your party who has night vision. Do not let any of your characters go into the VOID. They will be transported back to Chakkor Fountain.
  • say hire;say dawa
You say 'hire'
A guide says 'Where do you want to go?'
You say 'dawa'
You begin your journey.
"To boldly go where no man has gone before."
After years of traversing the jungle. You have finally reach your destination.
A guide says 'This is as far as I can take you, I will go no further.'
A guide says 'The rest of the way you have to travel alone.'
A guide says 'Beware of the "dark spirits."'
  • You are taken to the first maze. Find the Mountain Path
  • Follow the path until you get to the next maze, a swamp like area
  • Look for a place to go down
  • You will need to cast 'breathe water' on all your characters at this point
  • Go Down. Go North until you get to a room that has a way Up and a way South. This is the ONLY correct way up
  • u;n;e;3 n;w;3 n;open door;n;get staff
  • Give staff to the leader of the party
  • 4 s;e;3 s;5 e
  • When you reach the statue say "enter"
You say 'enter'
You drop staff.
The staffs grows brightly as you insert it.
It grows brighter and brighter, blinding you for a sec.
And when you can see again you're in a different room.
N-Air Elemental Sta E-Too dark to tell  S-Fire Elemental St W-Water Elemental S
(Invis) (Translucent) The ghost of Mictlan stands before you.
A ghost says 'You're almost there.'
The ghost says 'Welcome, I am Mictlan. Well, just an astral projection.'
The ghost says 'But enough rambling about me, you are here on a QUEST.'
The ghost says 'If you succeed in this quest, you'll have the greatest artifacts known'
The ghost says 'to man, but you MUST be/have a elementalist to complete this quest.'
The ghost gives a quest card to XXXXXXXXX.
  • The ghost gave elementalist a quest card
  • Have the elementalist say "quest".
You say 'quest'
A ghost says 'There are four different exits from here. Each will lead to one of'
A ghost says 'the four elemental guardians.  Once you defeat the guardian,'
A ghost says 'you will see an item. Get all four items and return here'
A ghost says 'for further instructions.'
  • Type: "ticket" to create a quest ticket. Each party member needs one
  • Note: A good strategy to do this is if the rest of the party (not the elementalist) goes ahead to the guardians room. Then when the elementalist says "quest", the guardian is only set to the elementalist, not the whole group. Therefore it is easier to kill
  • Note: If this does not work, the suggested group size is 5 or more with at least 2x cleric.
  • Note: When fighting the fire guardian, the fire traps tend to slow down the fight. Keep typing in "kill fire" to speed it up. Otherwise you take a lot more damage
  • Note: Each area (earth, water, fire, air) will have two or more rooms titled Elemental Guardian, but only one of those rooms will have the actual guardian in it. Look before entering the room to make sure it is the one with the guardian. If you go in the wrong room, you will be transported back to the first maze in Mictlan. (you can work your way back to the guardian area if this happens). Each of the four guardians will drop a ring.
  • Once you have all the rings, give them to the elementalist
  • At this point, everyone needs to regroup and follow the elementalist as leader
  • Everyone needs a quest ticket at this point
  • Note: You can save a quest card at this point by giving it to some char and gohome, then come back next time and just kill Mictlan without doing the whole quest.
  • At the pinnacle say "I am ready!". This will transport you to Mictlan
You say 'I am ready!'
Mictlan Private Study
You see no visible exits.
(White Aura) Mictlan the Shaman stands before you.
Mictlan tells you 'Welcome fellow elementalist.'
Mictlan tells you 'I see you have passed my test, but can you defeat me?'
Mictlan tells you 'I have acquired a few magical items on my many journies.'
Mictlan tells you 'And I grow weary of them.'
Mictlan tells you 'If you defeat me, you can have them all.'
Mictlan tells you 'To the victors go the spoils.'
Mictlan tells you 'Prepare yourself, I am ready!'
You give a quest ticket to Mictlan.
You feel a little dizzy from the transportation spell.
  • Everyone gave him their quest tickets at this point automaticaly.
  • Spell up and kill him (5 can do it, tanking with anti-magiced nec help and have cleric auto soothing touch auto-quick);
  • As Mictlan dies he does a final attack of about 3000 damage in fireballs on the tank, so either tank with anti-magic'd nec or char with plenty of hp.
  • After Mictlans death you will be transported back to Mictlan's Private Study.
With his dying breath, Mictlan teleports you all back to his room.
There he began to tell you about a village here in this region.
You hear Mictlan's death cry.
 A quarterstaff of Mictlan falls out onto the floor.
 A ring of Mictlan falls out onto the floor.
 A robe of Mictlan falls out onto the floor.
 The spellbook of Mictlan falls out onto the floor.
 A Diadem of Lady Armatha falls out onto the floor.
  • Get everything from the ground.
  • The char who made the last hit will see:
Mictlan tels you 'There is a village here in my region. Within that village is a'
Mictlan tels you 'shaman who can tell you the power of these items. Go see him.'
Mictlan tels you 'In order to get into the village, you must first locate its'
Mictlan tels you 'secret entrance. It is hidden somewhere within the mountains.'
Mictlan tels you 'The phrase to open the path is:'
Mictlan tels you 'He who walks the path of light shall sees it.'

Getting equipment repeatedly / Farming

  1. Create tickets for each character and give the four rings to the questing ele. Leave the a quest card behind on another char.
  2. Go to A guide and say "dawa" (as long as each char has done the initial quest to enter Mictlan);
  3. Travel through mazes, pick up a staff, go to statue, and say "enter";
  4. With ele, say "I am ready!" (he needs to have the
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