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Equipment: Mighty Aura
Area: Paradise Island
Quest Level: 94/95

    * N/A

Directions to start of quest:

    * Start from the Ship Port in Tethyr. Find the Captain who offers to take you on an adventure. If the ship Minerva is not there, convince all the other players in the Paradise Island area to log out. The Captain will appear at the next repop only if at some stage there are no players in the area. Buy a ticket (for 100,000 gp) and board the ship.


> give 100000 coins captain

You give The captain 100000 gold coins.
The captain gives you a travel ticket.
The captain says 'There you are Brrr!'

> say I am ready

You say 'I am ready'
The captain tells you 'Just board the E.S. Minerva towards the west!'
The captain tells you 'we will start the voyage once everyone is aboard.'
The captain says 'Okay, we're gonna start the journey in a few moments.'
The captain says 'Last chance to come along.'

> w

The crewman says 'Welcome aboard Brrr.'

You sail out into the ocean for your voyage.
You sail upon the ocean.
You sail upon the ocean.
After some time, dark clouds loom overhead...
A huge bolt of lightning flashes in the sky!
The captain shouts 'HURRY! EVERYONE BELOW DECKS!!!!!'
The crewman leaves down.
The captain leaves down.

> d

The Captain Closes the hatch.
The captain says 'I hope everyone got in in time.'
The rough storm starts to rage violently!
The tiny galleon is tossed by the force of the waves!!
The captain says 'I hope my crew has the courage to weather this storm!'
The captain says 'No matter what, I will not lose the Minerva!'
The captain says 'The Minerva will not be lost!'
After what seems like hours, the ship comes to crashing halt! 
The Captain opens the hatch and looks outside.
The captain says 'It seems the ship has been grounded in sand.'
The captain says 'We are beached on the shore of this uncharted desert island.'
The captain says 'Lets hurry and exit the ship, before she collapses.'
The captain leaves up.
The crewman leaves up.

> u

The Minerva collapses into a pile of timber.
The captain says 'I am sorry, my crew has failed us.  We are stranded with'
The captain says 'only coconuts and sand.  There is nothing left to do but'
The captain says 'die here.  Thou art on thy own now adventurers.'
The crewman says 'I'm sorry captain, it was all my fault!'
The crewman jumps into the ocean and swims away.
The captain says 'Perhaps our paradise awaits beyond this ocean.'
The captain grabs some driftwood and swims away into the ocean.

Look carefully at the directions available to you from this room. Notice that three of the directions have the same description, whilst a fourth direction has a subtle difference. Go only into the room that has the "subtly different" room description. Keep doing this until you see one of the room exits "At the Beach". This is where you want to go.

From here, go east.

You say 'I am a man!'
Khalina shouts 'My Amazon sisters!  I have Captured the insolent Brrr!!!!'
You have been captured and thrown into a prison!
Your captors burn a tattoo into you!
Khalina says 'So, do you want your freedom?'
You stop traveling due to a dead end.

> say yes

You say 'yes'
Khalina says 'Good.  We Amazon are in need of mighty warriors to rid'
Khalina says 'ourselves of the gargantuan kongs.  Every six months, we'
Khalina says 'must offer to them a virgin sacrifice to appease them.'
Khalina says 'If you think you can defeat all four beasts, then simply'
Khalina says 'state you wish to take the challenge.'

Spell up and prepare for battle before continuing.

> say i wish to take the challenge

You say 'i wish to take the challenge'
Khalina says 'I will now take you to the swamp where the kongs reside.'
Khalina says 'There you must seek out the giants and do your best to kill'
Khalina says 'them.  Should you succeed in slaying all four beasts, your'
Khalina says 'freedom will be granted and you will be rewarded.'

As before, three of the directions have the same description, whilst the fourth is subtly different. Follow the fourth direction and then go down. When you have defeated the Kong, you are returned to the Prison.

You return to your prison cell after the grueling fight.

You need to repeat this another three times (once per repop) until you kill a fourth Kong.

say i wish to take the challenge

You say 'i wish to take the challenge'
Khalina says 'I see you have killed all four kongs!  We Amazon shall'
Khalina says 'respect your great prowess, and welcome you.  As your '
Khalina says 'reward for saving our race, I will grant you a boon.'
Khalina says 'Which would you like: Combat, Defense, or Magic?'

Make your choice by saying either Combat, Defense or Magic (currently you can say either Damage, Armor or Mana).

> say mana

You say 'mana'
Khalina gives you (Mighty Aura) the Armor of Studs.
Khalina tells you 'when you are ready to leave, just say FREEDOM.'

> say freedom

You say 'freedom'
Khalina gives you a tattoo remover.
The tattoo is removed!

Item list:

the (Wonder Aura) (Combat)
type light, extra flags invis magic anti-evil anti-neutral noremove
Weight is 1, value is 1000000, level is 94.
Affects armor by -10.
Affects damage roll by 9.
Affects hit roll by 4.
Wear locations: Carry only.

Big thick rod (Defense)
type weapon, extra flags magic noremove.
Weight is 5, value is 1000000, level is 95.
Damage is 2d5.
Affects armor by -16.
Affects intelligence by 4.
Wear Locations: Wield.

(Mighty Aura) the Armor of Studs (Magic)
type armor, extra flags glow magic.
Weight is 1, value is 1000000, level is 95.
Armor class is 19.
Affects mana by 95.
Affects hp by 40.
Affects hit roll by -14.
Wear locations: Body Shield.
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