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  • Area: Tethyr
  • Quest level: 45


  • a pair of iron-toed boots - Level 45, feet, +5 DAM, +3 HIT, +2 DEX
  • a dark gray cloak - Level 45, neck, +5 DAM, +3 HIT, +2 DEX
  • the moonblade - Level 45, 5d10
  • Eye Mask level 45 5ac +3int +30hp +50mana anti-evil (Mask regenerates you while you sleep as long as it's in inventory)


  • You'll need breath water, detect invis/hidden, pass door, invis
  • Directions to start of quest: Go to the Breaching Whale in Tethyr and find Captain Macumail


   1. Upon entering Captain Macumail will spam you with:
      Captain Macumail says "I failed to get Arilyn Moonblade to help the"
      Captain Macumail says "Elven Queen."
      Captain Macumail says "Do you want to try to convince her?"
   2. Say 'Yes'
      Captain Macumail gives you a parchment with a moonflower seal.
      Captain Macumail says "Try giving this to Arilyn."
      Captain Macumail says "Last I heard she was hanging around the school of stealth."
   3. Go to Arilyn (2w s w s 6e n)
   4. Get detect invis
   5. Open door and go east (Arilyn moves throughout the school of stealth, but usually found n,e from the entrance.)
   6. When you find Arilyn you will see:
      Arilyn emerges from the shadows of the room.
   7. Give parchment Arilyn
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Yes, I have been thinking about what the Captain"
      Arilyn Moonblade says "said to me. I want to help the wild elves of"
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Tethyr Forest. If I am going to be able to help them"
      Arilyn Moonblade says "I am going to need some thing from Tinkersdam."
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Go and see what he has for me."
      Arilyn melts back into the shadows.

   8. Go to Tinkersdam (w s w n 3en 2e n, open boulder, 2w 3d e)
   9. On arrival you will see:
      Tinkersdam says "Hmmm, Arilyn sent you for things she ordered, hey?"
      Tinkersdam says "I have them here for her somewhere."
      Tinkersdam rifles through a table of oddments.
      Tinkersdam says "Ahh here we are."
      Tinkersdam give you an eye mask.
  10. Go back to Arilyn (w 3u 2e s 2w s 3w)
  11. When you find her again you will see:
      Arilyn steps out from the shadows of a nearby building.
  12. Give mask Arilyn
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Thanks I needed this."
      Arilyn Moonblade says "I am going to go to the forest to try and convince"
      Arilyn Moonblade says "the wild elves to let me help them."
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Come to the forest later."
      Arilyn Moonblade says "I may need your help again."
  13. Go to FoxFire in Tethyr Forest (2s 6w 2s 8e n)
  14. When you arrive you will see:
      Foxfire nocks an arrow and aims it at your heart.
      FoxFire says "What do you want intruder?"
      Wild elves drop lightly from the trees above and aim arrows at you.
      Foxfire says "Why are you here?"
      Foxfire says "Who sent you?"
  15. Say 'Arilyn'
      Arilyn drops down from the trees to stand beside the wild elves.
      You say "Thank the gods!"
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Don't!! He is a friend of mine."
      Arilyn Moonblade says "He is here to help us! Aren't you?"
  16. Say 'Yes'
      Foxfire and his elves lower their bows.
      Foxfire says "So you want to help us?"
      Foxfire says "There is an evil in the forest."
      Foxfire spits.
      Foxfire says "They are cutting down the trees!!"
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Sacrilege"
      Foxfire says "We can't take them alone. We need HELP!"
  17. Say 'Help'
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Try to get the help of the Lythari."
      Arilyn Moonblade says "My friend Ganamede may take you to their den."
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Tell him I sent you."
  18. Go to Ganamede (s)
  19. Upon entering you will see:
      Ganamede looks at you.
  20. Say 'Arilyn sent me'
      Ganamede the Lythari nod in recognition to you. You Do know him, right?
      Ganamede says "Arilyn wants the help of the Lythari?"
      Ganamede says "I will take you to the Lythari elders."
      He now transports you to Lythari Den where you see the elder.
  21. Say 'Help'
      Lythari Elder says "We don't like to interfere in your world, but this"
      Lythari Elder says "also affects the Lythari."
      Lythari Elder says "Go Now!"
      Lythari Elder says "Tell arilyn that we will be there in the time of need."
  22. Go home
  23. Go back to Arilyn (u s w w w d 2w 2s 6w 2s 5e)
  24. Upon entering you will see:
      Arilyn jumps down from the trees to stand before you.
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Did the Lythari agree to help us?"
  25. Say 'Yes'
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Great!"
      Arilyn looks worried.
      Arilyn Moonblade says "We still need more help. When I was in Abrum Assantes"
      Arilyn Moonblade says "palace I saw an elven female, lying inside a long case"
      Arilyn Moonblade says "in his hidden treasure room. I think she may have been"
      Arilyn Moonblade says "one of the former owners of the moonblade."
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Rescue her from there."
      Arilyn Moonblade says "To get to the hidden treasure chamber you..."
      A shrill whistle pierces the air.
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Sorry, I have to go. Find that elf!"
  26. Go home
  27. Go to Sex Parlor (d 2w 2s, open door, 3s 3e)
  28. Pass door, detects, breath water and invis
  29. Go s thru the invis exit and then (2w 3d 2w 5u 4w s e)
  30. Say 'Awaken'
      The elven women awakens as the glass tomb around her crumbles to dust.
      You say "Arilyn, hold of the Moonblade sent me to ask you to help her help the wild elves of Tethyr Forest."
      Zoastria says "I will go to Arilyn and meet you there."
      Zoastria fades into a shadow and disappears.
  31. Go home
  32. Go to Arilyn (u s w w w d 2w 2s 6w 2s 5e)
  33. Upon finding her you will see:
      Arilyn jumps down lightly from the trees in front of you.
      Arilyn Moonblade says "We are going to attack the logging camp now."
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Are you with us?"
  34. Say 'Yes'
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Great! I will meet you there."
      Arilyn disappears into the trees above you.
  35. Go to Logging Camp (4e 2s 2e)
  36. Upon entering you will see:
      Arilyn smiles at you in welcome.
      Foxfire, the wild elf leader, appears from the trees around you.
      A silver wolf changes shape into Ganamede the Lythari elf.
      A shadow takes shape before you and Zoastria appears.
      Your allies do their best to prepare you for the battle ahead.
      Arilyn Moonblade says "Are we ready to move"
  37. Say 'Yes'
      Note: You are transported to Bunlap and he attacks you.
      Note: Your allies will restore you every so often, you will probably never go below 80%
  38. On the death of Bunlap you will see:
      Bunlap is DEAD!!
      All cheer the Death of Bunlap
      Arilyn Moonblade says "We have given you some items in thanks for your help."
  39. The Moonblade will now be in your inventory
  40. Get all (Iron-toed boots and Dark Grey cloak)
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