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Equipment: North Star
Area: The North Pole
Quest Level: 20

    * N/A

Directions to start of quest:

    * Goto Swan Fountain in the North Pole
    * Go n, w


      Ralph stand here with his eyes closed.
      Ralph tells you 'Good Morning. Hope you having a nice day!'
      Ralph says 'It sure would be nice to have a Christmas TREE in'
      Ralph says 'here with a bunch of ORNAMENTS.'
   1. say tree
      You say 'tree'
      Ralph says 'You can find trees growing outside the village.'
      Ralph says 'Can't find any ORNAMENTS without a tree you know.'
      Ralph says 'They seem to be attracted to Christmas trees.'
   2. say ornaments
      You say 'ornaments'
      Ralph says 'Yeah, I always wanted a set of the 12 days of '
      Ralph says 'Christmas Ornaments that Mrs. Fields sold awhile'
      Ralph says 'ago. You probably would have to search real hard'
      Ralph says 'to find a BOX and a full SET.'
   3. say box
      You say 'box'
      Ralph says 'Boxes are easy to get, but ornaments are not.'
   4. say set
      You say 'set' Ralph says 'Will you try to get me a full set of ornaments?'
   5. say yes
      You say 'yes'
      Ralph says 'Thank you for helping me Brrr.'
      Ralph says 'Please bring me any ornaments that you may find!'
   6. Go to see Mrs Fields and buy an ornament box from her. Go e, n
   7. buy box
   8. Return to Ralph and give him the ornament box. Go s, w
      Ralph stand here with his eyes closed. Ralph tells you 'Good Morning. Hope you having a nice day!' Ralph tells you 'I see you got an Ornament box!' Ralph tells you 'May i have it?'
   9. give box ralph
      You give an ornament box to Ralph.
      Ralph tells you 'Now I have the special limited edition ornament box!'
      Ralph tells you 'When I get the ORNAMENTS, I'll have somewhere to put them!'
      Ralph tells you 'Now all you need is a TREE to ATTRACT them with!'
      Ralph bounces around happily.
      Ralph hums like a bee with a chest cold.
      Ralph says 'On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:'
  10. First get a tree that you can use to attract ornaments with. Go e, s, s, s, s, open gate, s, s. Return to Swan Fountain when you have one.
  11. The coins are hidden all over the North Pole area, and you have to collect them in a certain order. The map below identifies the locations and the order to collect them.

       3 - + - + - 7 - + - 4 - + - + -10
           |           |           |
           +          11           +
           |           |           |
           9       A - +           +
           |       |   |           |
      12 - + - 6 - + - X - + - + - 8 - 1

       X- Swan Fountain (your current position)
       A- Armors 'R Us
       1- East end of Past Blvd
       2- Scrooge Street and Future Blvd
       3- West end of Present Blvd
       4- Present Blvd
       5- Circle Plaza
       6- Past Blvd
       7- Present Blvd
       8- Corner of Past and Rudolph Lane
       9- 34th Street
      10- East end of Present Blvd
      11- Scrooge Street
      12- West end of Past Blvd

  12. When you are in a room marked on the map that has a coin, type attract to collect the coin, before returning to Ralph and giving it to him. You then continue collecting the coins, and returning them one at a time until you have eventually collected and returned the last coin.
  13. You know that you got a coin when you see the following after typing attract:
      You see the faint sparkle of an ornament hanging off a tree.
      You trudge through the 3 ft snow to get it!
  14. Finally return to Ralph with the last coin.
      You give a coin to Ralph.
      Ralph tells you 'Thanks! You did it! I have all the days of Christmas now!'
      Ralph tells you 'How can I ever thank you? I have been searching and searching'
      Ralph tells you 'for these darn ornaments. Thank you once again!'
      Ralph tells you 'Please accept this CHRISTMAS star in return!'
      Ralph bounces around happily.
      Ralph gives you a North star.


a North star
type light, extra flags glow hum magic inventory.
Weight is 1, value is 1000000, level is 20.
Affect mana by 40.
Wear location Carry only
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