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a strange guitar
type weapon, extra flags anti-good anti-evil noremove.
Weight is 1, value is 100000, level is 13.
Damage is 4d4.
Wear locations: Wield.


  • Go to the Swan Fountain in the north pole
  • 3e, n, open east, e
Shan the body piercer is here.
Shan tells you 'Hey friend, can you help me?'
Shan tells you 'I seem to have lost my guitar. I think it got stolen.'
Shan tells you 'If you find the thief who stole it, bring it back to'
Shan tells you 'me and I will reward you somehow.'
Shan tells you 'Hurry up and find my guitar!'
Shan tells you 'Oh, he was a thin fellow with a white pumpkin head.'
  • w, s, 7w, open supergate, w, open oaken, w, open small
  • Get detects, stability and go down
  • Kill Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington is DEAD!!
Jack Skellington shouts 'I AM THE PUMPKIN KING!!!!'
  • Get the guitar that he drops and return to Shan. Go u, 9e, n, e
Shan the body piercer is here.
Shan tells you 'I see you killed that thief!'
Shan says 'I see you found it! But you took too long and I have'
Shan says 'already purchased another. I guess you can keep it.'
Shan says 'But I did promise you a reward so here.'
Pulls off the ring from his nose.
Shan gives you a nose ring.
Shan says 'Take this, it's the least I can do.'
Shan tells you 'Thanks again friend, I owe you one.'
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