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Equipment: N/A
Area: Chakkor
Quest Level: 10
    * To get your A token of order and A portable hole of order
    * Fly to Elven City
    * d,travel e,travel w,travel w,2n,e
    * find order and say equipment he will give you your token and portable hole
    * To use your portable hole...hold it and type warp.
    * To use your token hold it and type call-order.
    * You can check if your token is ready to use by typing checktoken.
Directions to start of quest:
    * go d,n,7e,s,2e,s
    * pray
    * bow
    * give 1 coin master
Rolling Hills Quest
    * *Do not kill anything.
    * Go to every room to complete the quest 
Troll Quest.
    * Pick up all the stuff off the ground and mix them together using the command mix
    * Find the pipe and put the mixed material into the pipe (far west)
    * Light pipe (automatically kills troll)
    * You can pick up the troll skin for armor. 
The Old Lady And Rat Quest
    * Ask the lady for the flute
    * play flute for snake...then snake will follow you
    * Lead the snake to rat
    * wait..a sec and snake will kill rat 
Test Of Might
    * You see: Order the god stands before you.
    * Kill Order
Blue Lagoon/Sunken Ship Quest
    * drop boat or put it in a container
    * you will sink to a ship
    * go all the way east, one south
    * get pick (you will not see it)
    * go all the way west
    * get plank (you wont see it)
    * go west
    * get chaos slayer (u wont see it)...thats it...
Hermit Quest
    * tell him or say to hermit "say esp" smile thats it
Combo Lock
    * say 11 3 7
The Pattern Quest
    * when patter switches go that direction 
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