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Equipment: Robe of Strength
Area: The Underworld
Quest Level: 90

Directions to start of quest:
    As a Psionic, when you use the GATE command there is a good chance that you will at some stage arrive at the Entrance to the Underworld. You will be greeted and need to say "let me in!" to be granted entrance to the area.
    Alternatively, from Chakkor Fountain, go out the North Gate (4w n w 4n 3e n), then north twice to the crossroads, and travel north. When you stop to pick directions, you may need to go invis (depending on your class - Monks don't need to). Go east and you'll be at the gate. You will be greeted and need to say "let me in!" to be granted entrance to the area.
    From the Looking Room take the following directions to arrive at the Fountain (where the shops are located). Go e, e, s, w, s, w, w, d, d.


Search the adjacent rooms for the Pirate. Kill him for the Needle before you go up to the room above.

Search the adjacent rooms for the Spiderman (you may need detect hidden if he does not attack you first). Kill him and get the Magic Yarn that he drops before going up again.

Find and kill the Weaver for the Suit of Strength. And return to the fountain.

Visit the Mad Sewer in the garden. Give the needle, yarn and suit to the Mad Sewner. Tell him to make the robe.

Say 'Make robe'
The Mad Sewer will give the Robe of Strength to you. This is an auto engrave item.
	Robe of strength
type armor, extra flags glow hum magic anti-evil noremove.
Weight is 5, value is 438872, level is 90.
Armor class is 15.
Affects hit points by 75.
Affects strength by 3.
Affects dexterity by 3.
Wear Locations: About.
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