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a shining breastplate is type armor, extra flags magic anti-evil.
Weight is 5, value is 250000, level is 65.
Armor class is 13.
Affects save vs spell by -5.
Affects damage roll by 6.
Wear locations:  Body.


King Tristan Kendrick says 'I have been waiting for a hero like you.'
King Tristan Kendrick says 'An evil has entered the land. I need you to destroy it for me.'
King Tristan Kendrick says 'Talk to my non-human allies to get help.'
King Tristan Kendrick says 'When you have killed the Darkwalker, return to me.'
  • So now find his allies. Pawldo and Bridgit.
  • Pawldo the halfling is in the Training Area (same way you entered)
  • say help
You say 'help'
Pawldo the halfling says 'I can aid you by giving you a bit of my power to support you. '
Pawldo the halfling says 'you must still find more help, if you wish to defeatthe Darkwalker.'
You say 'help'
Brigit, knight of Synnoria says 'I can aid you by giving you a bit of my power to support you.'
Brigit, knight of Synnoria says 'Your power should be suffieient to confrontthe Darkwalker now.'
  • Find and Kill the Darkwalker (located up in the Myrloch Vale area)
Darkwalker says 'I see you have gained the power of others to help you.'
Darkwalker says 'It will do you no good!'
Darkwalker says 'Now die!'
  • When you kill him he:
The Darkwalker says 'No! I can't be beaten!'
  • If you haven't done it correctly he will keep healing himself.. You can kill him but it screws with your quest bits ;) And it takes a big group :)
  • Go back to the King Tristan Kendrick and he says :
King Tristan Kendrick says 'You have destroyed the Darkwalker and saved the Moonshae Islands.'
King Tristan Kendrick says 'Please take this in gratitude.'
King Tristan Kendrick gives you a shining breastplate.
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