QUEST:Skin equipment quest

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  • Area: Midian
  • Quest level: 90+



  • Go to Midian center, and travel east to the caves
  • In the caves you will find a piece of skin, bring it back to the town and go to Armorer (Cram)
Cram says 'Greetings Travellers.'
Cram says 'Where did you get that strange skin?  May I have it?'
You give a piece of skin to Cram.
Cram says 'What strange properties this skin has.  Wait here.'
Cram goes into the back room and emerges after an hour.
Cram says 'Okay, I have managed to make some armor with this skin.'
Cram says 'Feel free to buy it from me.'
  • buy 3 skin items
#426 [24   93000 ] Some boots made of skin.
#605 [24   99000 ] Some armor made of skin.
#343 [24   98000 ] A cape made of skin.
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