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Bite Mark is level 35, ac 12, 2 con, 2 wis, 2 int
Wooden Helmet is level 35, ac 12
Deer Skin Boots is level 35, 10 ac, 2 hit, 3 dam
Carved Shield is level 35, 12 ac, -1 save


  • Go to Summerfield
  • Go to sherriff
  • say deputy
  • Buy bed room key in the inn
  • Go to mayor
  • Buy garlic and thread and type string
  • Kill a woman for the vial
  • Buy the handle from the workers south of the church for 1000 coins.
  • buy knife
  • whittle (into stake)
  • Go to abandoned building and type enter
  • Path through the woods: 2n,s,n,s,n,s,n,s
  • Type crawl
  • The vampire will bite you. You will have an item call 'the bite mark'.
  • Go to pub, the keeper will talk
  • Give 25,000 coins to the box and kill the trainer. Get the wooden helmet, deer skin boots and carved shield from him.
  • The mayor has leggings also.
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