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  • Area: Wedding Chapel
  • Quest level: 1
  • Directions to start of quest:
    • The Wedding chappel entrance is 5 east and 1 north from the fountain at chakkor.
    • Go east into the Office of the Chapel, and speak to the secretary. The male character does first, followed by the female character (who says the same thing).


Wedding ring
type treasure, extra flags glow hum magic inventory.
Weight is 1, value is 1, level is 1.
Wear Locations: Finger.


   1. say I am here to be married
      Sinner drops a wedding ring.
      Sinner says 'There you go! Have an happy wedding!'
   2. Pick up your wedding rings and continue to the Wedding Temple. Go w, n. Speak with the priest.
   3. say Start the wedding
      say let's get this started
      the priest says... 'OK! We are gathered here to these two people in holy matrimony.' 'If anyone thinks there is any good reason not to' 'Unite these two fine guys,speak now or shut up forever.' 'Now... repeat after me...' 'With this ring, I thee wed, ...'
   4. First the male character starts...
      say 'with this ring, I thee wed'
      say 'to have and to hold from this day forth'
      say 'through sickness and health'
      say 'for richer or for poorer'
      say 'till death do us part'
   5. Repeat the same conversation with the female character. Once both of the characters have exchanged vows, the ceremony can continue. Initially the female character:
      say 'Let's go ahead'
      the priest says...
      'Lets get to the main part!'
      'Do you, ... , what was your name Madame?'
   6. say 'My name is Roar'
      the priest says...
      'Oh... yeah! I am getting old.'
      'Do you Roar wish to get married to this mighty man?'
   7. say Yes I do
   8. Continue with the male character: the priest says...
      'And now, do you, ... , oooops I forgot your name as well Mister.'
      'What's your name?'
   9. say 'My name is Dembro'
      the priest says...
      'Right! Do you, Dembro, wish to get married to this fine and young lady?'
  10. say Yes I do
      the priest says...
      'Thanx to the power given me by Order and Chaos, I declare'
      'you two husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. =)'
  11. Both characters are now married. Witnesses may wish to throw rice at the happy couple by getting some rice from the ricebowl and typing the command RICE. The honeymoon suite (whilst not private) will afford an appropriate location to spend the first evening together.
  12. Finally, the (Married) aura will remain whether you wear the wedding ring or not (and yes, you can now remove the ring). To dissolve the marriage, drop and sacrifice the wedding ring.
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