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Equipment: Wirikidor
Area: Ethshar
Quest Level: 85

    * N/A

Directions to start of quest:

    * Go to Ethshar, go out the west gate to Valder's Inn.


Say sword (the clue is the empty space above his fireplace)

He tells you the story about his sword and how it has 14 uses left.

Kill Valder (need killing blow with questing char).  You should 
ocasionally see a message about how Valder's sword just misses you.  Sometimes
(rarely) it hits you and you get slayed.

You need to kill Valder 10 times or so (and get killing blow with questing
char each time) until his sword runs out of uses (the slay attempts).  Each
time he dies it says you cannot get his sword.  Keep killing him until
you no longer get this message - the sword will be in his corpse and you
can get it.

it is auto-engrave


wirikidor is type weapon. extra flags magic anti-evil noremove
weight is 5. value is 100000. level is 85
damage is 11d9
affects ac by 11
wear: wield
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