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The script is not ideal and is created for old tintin versions, so i am not sure it will work on new tintins.

A good practice is that you always keep an eye on the rift mapper,

because there are some situations that are not handled by the script:

  • Tough agro mobs like City of Kisangani rats or Kingdom of Isles invaders. You have to deal with them manually. At the moment the script detects the fight, but it assumes the mob is easy and waits for the fight to end. So have your fighting spell (vampyric touch on auto/quick).

Other important things:

  • Turn vt102/colors off - colors break the script; The script was designed without vt102, so i dont take any responsibility if it doesn't run with it (-;
  • Have the Psionicist's_Guild ring - the script is designed for necs who have it;
  • Run the script on *nix family OS, i am not sure how the file permissions and commands will work on Ms Windows (not tested there);
  • Have recall scrolls ready;


First thing to do is edit the script file and setup some variables (top of the script/file):

#var number 100
#var name dir
#var file rifts_dir.txt
#var back tell $name i don't know where to go :)
#var wholine [95 Nec Dro]-<All> Dir shmir...               http://mr.gloomy.eu %0
  • number - defines the starting rift you want to start at current session;
  • name - necs name (used by the WHO command);
  • file - file name where the rifts are saved
  • back - can be ignored, this variable is used to handle some error situation;
  • wholine - full line which can be seen when you type 'who your_nec_name' with a % instead of area name - used to parse the area name;

So after you first edit the script file you should:

  1. login with your nec;
  2. load the script: #load script_name.txt
  3. go to the room where you can make a rip;
  4. type: start

This fill start the script (start is script alias);

Next time you dont need to edit the script. Just login, load the script, set rift number variable (#var number <next_rift_number>), type: start

To stop the script type: #kill

This will clear the tintin variables/actions/alises and all will stop;

To see the end of current rift file (to find out the last rift mapped) type: #system tail rift_file.txt

All questions and help please leave on the discussion page. Good luck!



  • 1.0 - initial script by gloomy;