QUEST:Blackstaff equipment quest

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  • Notes:
    • Currently Blackstaff has about 20,000 hps and does 100 hand to hand damage and casts spells at level 120.
    • Completing Merchant equipment quest is necessary
    • It will take as many repops as YOU need (ie number of characters you bring)
  • Directions to start of quest:
    • Starting from Waterdeep fountain, head to Alter of Sune (7s, 3w, n, e, 4n, w)



  • Kill Adon of Sune as many times as necessary until you have the number of a sune token that you need. I'd suggest keeping the last hit to the same character to prevent future spam.
  • Head to Blackstaff (n, e, 4n, w, n, 3w)
  • Enter Blackstaff's Tower by typing Knock with all characters with a sune token in their inventory
  • Spell up and kill Blackstaff. The EQ will automatically load into the inventory of last hit.
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