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  • Go to Mr Thann in "Beautiful Villa": from the corner of Sword Street and Selduth Street: w;open west;2 w
Mr Thann says 'Have you managed to get help for my wife yet?'
Mr Thann gives you an anxious look.
Mr Thann says 'My wife has taken ill suddenly. '
Mrs Thann groans pitifully.
Mr Thann says 'Will you help us? '
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
Mr Thann says 'Thank you!  Could you please go to the Temple of Sune '
Mr Thann says 'and ask for a priest there to AID us. '
  • Go to Adon of Sune in the Temple of Sune: east out Selduth Street till you get to Silk Street, then go North to the Temple of Sune
  • say aid
You say 'aid'
Adon of Sune says 'You require my help?  I will meet you at the home '
Adon of Sune says 'of Merchant Thann. '
Adon gathers together his healing herbs and hurries out of the temple.
  • Return to the merchan'ts home (Beautiful Villa)
Adon of Sune attends to the merchants wife.
Adon of Sune shakes his head in bewilderment.
Adon of Sune says 'I am sorry, Mr Thann, but your wife has been poisoned. '
Adon of Sune says 'And I don't know of a cure. '
Adon of Sune says 'The only person I know who can help us is the magician '
Adon of Sune says 'Blackstaff.  Go to Blackstaff and say to him that the '
Adon of Sune says 'poison is Erilium. '
Adon of Sune gives you a token of sune.
Adon of Sune says 'Give this token to Blackstaff, it will show that '
Adon of Sune says 'you come in good faith. '
Adon of Sune leaves for the Temple.
  • Note down the name of the poison.
  • Go up Sword Street until you get to a dead end
  • Type: knock
  • Find Blackstaff
  • give token blackstaff
You give a token of sune to Blackstaff.
Blackstaff says 'You were sent by a priest of Sune? '
Blackstaff says 'What do you seek my help with? '
  • say erilium
You say 'Erilium'
Blackstaff says 'Now that is one tough poison.  I think there is an antedote. '
Blackstaff takes down a few tomes and starts turning pages.

Blackstaff looks up at you.
Blackstaff says 'You must be hungry. '
Blackstaff utters some strange words and moves his hands.
Blackstaff utters the words, 'yzagh'.
You join in Blackstaff's feast.
You are full.
Blackstaff places a fine feast of food before you and you eat your fill.
Blackstaff returns to his studies.

Blackstaff says 'Ahhh here we go. '
Blackstaff says 'I can cure her, but I will need some ingredients. '
Blackstaff turns the pages of the tome he had been reading through.

Blackstaff says 'Now they wont be easy to find. '
Blackstaff says 'I need Brackish Herbs, Dragons Blood, and Golden Thorn. '
Blackstaff says 'Now let me think, where can these be found '

Blackstaff says 'Talk to Robyn Kendrick in Corwell about the Brackish Herbs. '
Blackstaff says 'I understand dragons are rampaging in Ethshar again. '
Blackstaff says 'Talk to Foxfire in Tethir Forest about the Golden Thorn. '
Blackstaff says 'Be quick.  I will prepare the rest of the spell while you are
gone. '
You give Brackish Herbs to Blackstaff.
Blackstaff says 'Ahhhh Brackish Herbs.  Good. '
Blackstaff mutters as he adds them to a potion.
You give a flask of Dragon's Blood to Blackstaff.
Blackstaff says 'Hmmm Dragons blood.  Not the easiest thing to get. '
Blackstaff says 'Dragons don't tend to be easy to kill. '
Blackstaff stirs the dragons blood into his potion.
You give golden thorn to Blackstaff.
Blackstaff says 'Hmmm Golden Thorn.  This is a rare one indeed. '
Blackstaff starts grinding up the Golden Thorn.

Blackstaff adds the final ingredients to his potion.
Blackstaff utters some strange words.
Blackstaff swirls the potion and it shines an iridescent purple.
Blackstaff utters the words, 'ouaihghcandusiohp'.
Blackstaff gives you a Dragolish Potion.
Blackstaff says 'Take this and give it to the Merchants wife. '
Blackstaff says 'It should cure her. '
  • Return to the Mrs Thann. Give her the dragolish potion
You give a Dragolish Potion to Mrs Thann.
Mrs Thann drinks the potion.
Mrs Thann starts to look less pale.
Mrs Thann smiles at her husband.
Mrs Thann says 'I feel so much better.  Thank you XXXXXXXX for saving my life. '

Mr Thann says 'I am very grateful to you for saving my wife. '
Mr Thann says 'As a token of my appreciation please accept these. '
Mr Thann utters the words, 'ouaihghcandusiohp'.
Mr Thann gives you a merchant's guild tunic.
Mr Thann gives you a merchant's guild ring.
Mr Thann gives you an expensive diamond.
Mr Thann says 'The ring gives you merchant guild rights. '
Mr Thann says 'You can shop at the Merchants Guild, and purchase things '
Mr Thann says 'at a substantial discount.'
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