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  • Area: Faerdale
  • Quest level: 40
  • Notes:
    • You must be below level 45 to do this quest.


an elemental globe is type light, extra flags magic anti-evil noremove.
Weight is 3, value is 4000, level is 40.
Affects armor class by -13.
Affects Dexterity by 3.
Affects Damage roll by -5.
Wear locations: Carry only.


Go to the Elementalist Guild in Waterdeep. Wait for a speech about Faerdale.

Say yes

The Guildmaster wants money.  Give XXXX coins guildmaster.

You will be transported to the Faerdale entrance.  Up enters Faerdale.  Down
takes you outside the Gates of Waterdeep.  Go Up.  You are now in Faerdale.

Go north until you see an exit going up.  Go up to the High Druid.  He asks
if you want to make an item.  Say 'yes'.

He tells you to go see each of the elementals (they are each along the one
of the four exits from the Druid).

Go to Air Elemental, say 'globe'
Go to Earth Elemental, say 'help'
Go to Water Elemental, say 'help'
Go to Fire Elemental, say 'help'

Go to Moonshae Islands

Buy the Elemental Flask from the magic shop.

Go to the Moonwell (at the north end of Moonshae) and type 'dip' to fill the
flask with some water from the Moonwell.

Go to the Underdark (the entrance is in Waterdeep)

Find one of the pech (when you get to the main part of Underdark they are

Say 'earth'.  The pech gives you a clump of earth.

Go back to Faerdale.

Go to Earth Elemental, type 'mix'.
Go to Fire Elemental, type 'bake'.
Go to Water Elemental, type 'douse'.
Go to Air Elemental, type 'dry'.

Go back to High Druid.  Give the globe to him.  He should give you the
finished item.
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