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  • Area: Pern
  • Quest level: 75
  • Notes: You need to have done the Dragonrider quest to start this quest.


a pair of harper's boots (feet)
a pair of harper's gloves (hands)
a harper's tunic (body)
a harper's cloak (neck)
a pair of harper's pants (legs)
a pair of harper's sleeves (arms)
a harper's cap (head)

All harpers eq is ac 14, 3 hit, 5 dam, anti-good, anti-neutral


Go to Pern.
Go to the Master harper. He should ask you if you want to become a Harper. If he does not, you have not done the Dragonrider quest.

say yes

he tells you to go find the Weyrleaders

go to f'lar in the gold dragon's weyr
say story
wait until he finishes hist story

go to lessa in the kitchen of the keep
say story
wait until she finishes her story

go back to the Masterharper.  he tells you to go talk to a holder

go to fax
say story
wait until he finishes his story

go back to the masterharper

he gives you the equipment
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