QUEST:Sterling equipment quest

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  • Area: Landover
  • Quest level: 15
  • Notes:
    • You will need 100000 gold coins;
    • You will need a boat;
    • You will need remove curse;



A Waterdeep Gate Guard looks at you sternly.
A Waterdeep Gate Guard looks at you sternly.
A Waterdeep Town Official gives you a haughty look.
A Waterdeep Gate Guard says 'Halt and state your name and business.'
  • say name
You say 'name'
A Waterdeep Gate Guard unlocks the gate with a fortified key.
A Waterdeep Gate Guard opens the gate.
The guard opens the gate for you.
  • Go to the Market Square. Go 4e & 10n & 3e. Then go to Meeks' Office. Go e & u.
  • say landover
You say 'landover'
Meeks says 'You are interested in the special purchase'
Meeks says 'called landover?  Just give me one million gold'
Meeks says 'coins and the kingdom is yours.'
  • give 100000 coin meeks
You give Meeks 100000 gold coins.
Meeks gives you king's Medallion.
Meeks says 'You won't regret this purchase.  To go to Landover,'
Meeks says 'just wear the medallion and think landover.'
Meeks says 'If you ever wish to leave Landover, just remove'
Meeks says 'the medallion and think of home.'
  • wear medal
You wear king's Medallion around your neck.
  • type: landover
You blink and find yourself somewhere else.
  • Kill the River Master (4 pieces drop)
  • Kill the wandering stealth mob (Bunion) (4 pieces drop, need level 95 char)
  • All equipment is auto-engrave
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