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  • Directions to start of quest:
    • Take the Griffon to Refuge Tribe, then from the Griffon go d, s, e to the Fountain (safe room).
  • To reset quest bits say 'I changed my mind' to Hiho's wife



  • First you need to talk to Hiho's wife
  • She will give you a gem stone that you need.
  • Go: 8 s;w;open west;3 w;say i come to you with information
Hiho's wife looks at you deeply.
Hiho's wife says 'What do you know?'
  • say chaos is going to destroy this village
Hiho's wife says 'That's bad news. We can't let that happen.'
Hiho's wife says 'Will you help us?'
  • say yes
Hiho's wife opens the jewel box.
Hiho's wife gets a gem stone from the box.
Hiho's wife gives you a gem stone.
Hiho's wife says 'Take this stone and give it to Slayer.'
Hiho's wife says 'Tell him that it's YOYO who needs help.'
Hiho's wife says 'That's all I can do, now let me rest.'
  • Take a gem stone she gave you and give it to the Slayer:
  • Return to the Fountain: 4 e;8 n
  • From here, go: 4 w;n;open west;w
  • Be aware that you will be teleported to a no exit room once you give him a gem stone and speak with him.
  • give gem slayer
Slayer laughs loudly.
Slayer says 'Finally!! I possess the power I deserved!!'
Slayer holds a gem stone in his hands.
Slayer says 'Oh, where did you get this?'
  • say Yoyo asked me to give this to you
Slayer says 'Her?'
Slayer sits down and thinks deeply.
Slayer says 'So she wanted me to fight Chaos? How silly...'
Slayer says 'Why should I risk my own life to fight Chaos?'
  • say Then I challenge you
Slayer laughs at you mercilessly.

Slayer says 'I can take you all!!'
Slayer says 'You have to kill me to leave this duel room!!'
Slayer wears all his equipment.
Slayer says 'You can begin now, I am ready.'
  • Spell up everyone and attack when you are ready. There is a chance that he will be regenerated just as he is killed. If this occurs, you will have to fight him again and again until eventually he stays dead.
  • Once you have successfully defeated Slayer, and have his equipment, you will need to recall or use gohome to leave this no exit room.
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