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Quest help file

The quest here is not tricky nor difficult.  There is a nice storyline,
and lots of text to read.  Anyone using common sense can figure out what to
do.  If you do happen to have any problems, I will give help to anyone who
asks.  Due to the nature of the story, this quest can only be done once per
reboot.  If the game crashes while you're in the middle of it, don't worry.
The quest has been designed so you can resume where you left off.  So if you
can't seem to get anywhere, then maybe someone just did the quest.  If so,
just try again later.

Quest requirements from help file (outdated)

The quests here do require some firepower.  An estimated group of ten
good chars should be able to complete it.  Also, a current class cleric is
required in order to successfully complete the quest.  You will see why once
you finish the first stage of the quest.  Paying attention to what the
characters you encounter say is also very important.




the Eye of Cabal is type light, extra flags invis magic anti-neutral.
Weight is 0, value is 100000, level is 75.
Affects damage roll by 6.
Affects hit roll by 6.
Affects hp by -50.
Wear locations: Carry only.


a tattoo of Defense is type armor, extra flags invis magic
anti-neutral noremove.
Weight is 0, value is 500000, level is 95.
Armor class is 21.
Wear locations: Arms.



  • Go to Midian. It is located near Hartsvale. At the intersection when you enter Hartsvale, go east. Midian is through Cuthbert Pass. Look for the base of the mountain.
  • Cast breath water on everyone and go up to the top of the mountain.
  • Wait for everyone to fall off the mountain. You will be in the water, which is a mini maze. Go n, e, w, s , e, e
  • Travel along this path and go north straight through the graveyard. Continue straight north till you get to Ashura.
  • Say help
You say 'help'
Ashura blushes.
Ashura says 'No thanks, I am just waiting for my friend Slayek. '
Ashura says 'By the way, my name is Ashura.  What is yours?'
Ashura smiles at you.
  • Say (your name)
You say 'XXXXXXXX'
Ashura says 'Nice to meet you XXXXXXXX.'
Ashura says 'I better go look for Slayek, see you around.'
  • Continue north till you get to the center of Midian (note: this is one of the few spots in the area where you can rip)
Ashura blushes.
Ashura says 'Hello again XXXXXXXX.  I need to find Slayek. '
Ashura says 'He must have gone ahead into the temple without me.'
Ashura runs off into the city.
  • Go 2 north (a small house with woman);
  • Then have everyone in the party say children, then have all say secret.
  • Go to each of the ramshackle huts, which have children in them. If you look at the children you will notice their mouths have been sewn shut. Look dirt, then look writings in each hut. One word in each writing is capitalized and they all form a sentance.
  • Return to the old woman and have everyone say the sentance, "Help free us from the evil" (Note: for some reason, not everyone always gets the spam. Only those who get the spam may continue to get quest bits, so make sure a cleric got the spam. The rest of the group may go on the quest, they just wont get any of the bits further on.)
You say 'Help free us from the evil'
The woman says 'My child was taken from me and it is said that she was'
The woman says 'killed by the beast that is east from this city.'
The woman says 'I just want my revenge against him.'
The woman says 'Kill the beast and bring me the corpse of my child.'
The woman says 'Only then will I tell you what you want to know.'
  • Travel east out of town till you get to the caves. At the end of the caves is the mob (Imclota) you need to kill. Only someone who got the spam from the old woman can get the kill, otherwise the corpse won't drop.
  • Return to the old woman and give her the corpse, she will transport the party to another area.
The woman says 'I sense that you have killed the beast.'
The woman says 'Quickly now, return the corpse of my child!'
You give a small corpse to The woman.
The woman says 'Thank you for helping me XXXXXXXX.  Now for your reward.'
The frightened woman utters the words, 'naidim'.
  • Go north till you get to Fakir
  • All chars get:
Fakir tells you 'Leave here at once! Leave this Unholy place!'
  • Cleric sees:
Fakir tells you 'You are a cleric!  Perhaps you can defeat the evil beings!'
  • Questing cleric say "evil beings"
  • Then wait till the 2 mobs appear and kill Fakir, taking his a human heart and a human brain. The party will be transported south.
You say 'evil beings'
Fakir says 'Yes, Cabal and Babbett.  I'm am powerless to stop their evil.'
Fakir says 'You must leave now before they return.  If only I could have'
Fakir says 'resisted Babbett's charms, I would be able to stop them!'

************** There is a bright flash as a portal opens ***************

Cabal the newcomer emerges out of a shimmering gate!
Babbett, the Ruler of Nothingness enters from the gate.
Fakir screams 'NOOOOOO!!!!  They have come for me!'
XXXXXXXX says 'What kind of evil is this!'

Cabal takes a quick glance at you, and an evil grin forms on his face.
You cringe in horror as Cabal thrusts his claws into the chest of the cleric
and forcefully rips out his heart!
Blood spills everywhere from the enormous hole in the priests chest.
More of the life fluid sprays out as Cabal squeezes the last drops from
the still beating heart.
You say 'We must do something to help the priest!'

You try to help the cleric, but find that you are paralyzed in fear!
Babbett smashes open the priest's skull spilling his brains onto the floor.
Blood spews violently into the room, soaking the floor.
You watch in horror as Babbett sucks up the brains of the cleric.
XXXXXXXX says 'I hope I am not next...'

************* There is a blinding flash as the portal reopens ************

Cabal grins, then enters the gate, disappearing before your eyes.
Babbett turns and emits a piercing scream, sending you flying backwards.
When you regain your senses, you find yourself outside the altar room.
  • Return to Fakir (1 north)
A Spirit tells you 'I am sorry you had to witness that horrid scene.'
A Spirit tells you 'Fortunately there still is some hope left.'
  • Questing cleric say 'hope'
You say 'hope'
A Spirit says 'Though those monsters have ripped my heart and my brain'
A Spirit says 'from my body, there exists a way to Resurrect me!'
  • say resurrect (NOTE: the quest is timed! You must get the organs and the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom back before Fakir's corpse decays or you'll have to wait for a reboot of the game.)
You say 'resurrect'
A Spirit says 'It is true, a means of resurrection.  First you must recover'
A Spirit says 'my vital organs from those demons.  Return to me when you have'
A Spirit says 'completed this task.  I will use my last ounce of power to'
A Spirit says 'open portals to their homeworlds.  The stone guardians to'
A Spirit says 'the south can take you there.  May the Gods be with you.'
  • Fakir will open a way to the mobs that killed him. Go south till you get to the intersection, to the east is one mob to the west is the other. Go east and say yes, then go e, n, e, n, n, w, w, n (this is a maze and there are fire traps so move quickly.) This will put you one south of the mob. This mob is aggresive so whoever is tanking should go first and the rest follow after. NOTE: the mob casts mass blind, so clerics need to be ready to cure the blindness. I'd just cure it on the other clerics, so you can heal the tank. Cure the rest of the party afterwards.
  • Once dead the mob drops (a human heart/a human brain). He also has a nice piece of invisible equip on him.
  • Go up and regen if necessary, but make it quick (relog if necessary) because of the timer.
  • Go back to the intersection and go west. When you say yes you will be on a fire trap so move fast. Go n, w, n, n, n.
  • This mob is not aggro, but he mass blinds as well so be prepared. Kill him and get (a human heart/a human brain) He also has a nice piece of equipment.
  • Make sure the questing cleric has the a human brain and a human heart, then go up and return to Fakir.
  • Say task
  • Say vortex
  • Fakir will give you a rune of transport.
  • Say magic words.
  • Give the a human heart and a human brain to another party member (Note: they will need to have gotten the spam from the old woman in order for this to work) and have them go south and come back. Have them say task. Then say vortex.
  • Repeat this procedure for each character, so all have the a rune of transport.
  • Look a rune of transport, look words. Type vtech. You are transported to another area. Go south till you find Slayek. Listen to him
Slayek says 'What are you pathetic adventurers doing in here?'
Slayek says 'Don't you know this is a very dangerous place?'
XXXXXXXX says 'Are you Slayek?'
XXXXXXXX says 'I think a girl named Ashura was looking for you.'
Slayek says 'Oh?  Ashura?  What is she doing here?  That sister of mine'
Slayek says 'keeps getting herself into trouble.  If you see her again,'
Slayek says 'tell her 'to go home'.  This is no place for a young virgin'
Slayek says 'to be running around.'
XXXXXXXX says 'Did you say virgin?'
Slayek says 'One other thing... don't you get any dirty thoughts about my'
Slayek says 'sister.  I am very protective, and I don't want to have to'
Slayek says 'teach you all a lesson in manners.  Also...'
Slayek says '...stay out of my way.  I don't want you following me.'
Slayek disappears in a bright flash!
XXXXXXXX says 'yeah yeah yeah.  Come back and fight like a man!'
  • Go north till you get to the intersection then travel east (from intersection), till you find Slayek again. He will attack you, and is quite tough but he will flee once he is down to 70%. Once he flees he drops an item
Slayek says 'You pathetic excuses for heroes!'
Slayek says 'I do not have time to waste on fools like you!'
#726 A razor sharp blade has been dropped here!
  • Continue south (from intersection) till you get to the Nexus (either that or go back to the intersection and go west and travel south till you get to the Nexus)
  • Once at the Nexus the questing cleric needs to recite the 'magic words.' Have the cleric say klatu, then verata, then nicto. Then get the book.
You say 'klatu'
The air around you starts to stir rapidly.

You say 'verata'
The wind violently whips across your face.

You say 'nicto'
The ground rumbles and the book glows brightly.  Then all is calm.

You get the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.
  • Return to the intersection and type vtex. This will return you to the area with Fakir.
  • Return to Fakir (make sure the questing cleric has the a human heart, a human brain, and Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.
A Spirit says 'Good Work!  Since you have recovered the book, we can PROCEED!'
  • Cleric say proceed.
You say 'proceed'
A Spirit says 'Now you must place my organs back into my corpse.'
A Spirit says 'When that is done, recite the three magic words in order.'
A Spirit says 'You must recite them in order or the spell will fail!'
You say 'klatu'
The chest cavity of the corpse magically seals itself!

You say 'verata'
The corpse's head magically heals!

You say 'nicto'
The corpse glows with an intense light.
You watch as the wounds magically heal themselves.
Suddenly, there is a blinding flash.
When you can see again you stand at the entrance to the temple.
Fakir says 'Thank you XXXXXXXX, for restoring my body.  In return for'
Fakir says 'your great deed, I will teach you my secret technique:'
Fakir says 'The Legendary HADO-KEN !!!!!!'
Fakir transfers his internal energy into XXXXXXXX!
Fakir says 'Maybe you will be able to master it like Dhir'mal did. '
Fakir says 'Now there is one final task for you to undertake.'
  • say final task
You say 'final task'
Fakir says 'Yes, to destroy the heart of the evil itself.'
Fakir says 'Now, you must listen to my long story....'
Fakir pauses for a second.

Fakir says 'Long ago, the Eternal Torch of Midian was stolen by a demon'
Fakir says 'of the Dark Realm.  This torch is a magical artifact which'
Fakir says 'can protect Midian from evil magic.'
Fakir pauses for a second.

Fakir says 'Without the torch, we were defenseless to stop the demon'
Fakir says 'from weaving its dark magiks, and the realms were thrust into'
Fakir says 'an age of darkness....'

Fakir says 'Many brave heroes ventured into the Vortex, and attempted to'
Fakir says 'retrieve the Eternal Torch, but none ever returned from the'
Fakir says 'dark dimension, and all hope was lost....'
Fakir takes a deep breath.

Fakir says 'That is until one fateful day, when the Holy Knight Thiad, his'
Fakir says 'wife Lady Kaeri, and four other mighty heroes attempted the quest.'
Fakir says 'An ill-fated journey which would claim the life of Sir Thiad and'
Fakir says 'his companions, for only Lady Kaeri would return....'
Fakir takes another deep breath before continuing.

Fakir says 'She was alive, but barely.  Delusional and delirious, she spoke of'
Fakir says 'terrible wind demons and a dark fortress made out of black stone.'
Fakir says 'She had managed to steal a spellbook, but lost the mystic tome at'
Fakir says 'the Nexus due to her hasty retreat.  The Codex remained there'
Fakir says 'till you brave ones managed to retrieve it....'
Fakir pauses to let you think about what he has said.

Fakir says 'Several months later Lady Kaeri gave birth to a child, the only'
Fakir says 'reminder of the late Knight Thiad.  The child disappeared soon'
Fakir says 'after birth, which drove Lady Kaeri mad.  She warned that no "man"'
Fakir says 'could ever survive inside the Obsidian fortress, and those foolish'
Fakir says 'enough to try would perish, but perish 'happily'.  She told '
Fakir says 'countless other outlandish tales, but whether these tales are true'
Fakir says 'or not, will never be known....'
Fakir takes one last big deep breath.

Fakir says 'That is, unless you brave adventures are willing to escort me in a'
Fakir says 'journey to the Dark Realm.  The Codex which you now possess'
Fakir says 'contains the power to destroy the Demon of the Dark Realm.  With'
Fakir says 'powerful adventures with me, and the Book in our hands, we shall'
Fakir says 'be victorious!  Give the book to me so I can prepare the spell.'
  • He asks for the Codex, give it to him. He will give it back and say some pages are missing.
You give the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom to Fakir.
Fakir says 'Now we can finally destroy the Demon master!'
Fakir opens the Codex and thumbs through the pages.
A fearful expression suddenly forms on Fakir's face.
Fakir says 'Take this back XXXXXXXX.'
Fakir gives you the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.
Fakir says 'I have bad news....several pages of the book are missing...'
Fakir says 'That being the case, I'm sorry to say that there's no way in hell'
Fakir says 'that I am going to go into that evil realm.  But....'
Fakir sits down and thinks deeply.

Fakir says 'The lost pages must have fallen out when Lady Kaeri returned.'
Fakir says 'If you can retrieve those pages and place them back into the book,'
Fakir says 'then maybe you can destroy the demon.  Also, one other thing...'

Fakir says 'Rumor has it that the child of Lady Kaeri and Lord Thiad lives,'
Fakir says 'and has been raised and trained in the Monastery of Za'ar.'
Fakir says 'A few mysterious young warriors have come here in the past weeks'
Fakir says 'and entered into the vortex.  Perhaps the child is one of them,'
Fakir says 'and can help you defeat the demon.'
Fakir says 'Savior, do you wish to undertake this great task?'
  • Cleric say yes
You say 'yes'
Fakir says 'Return now to the Nexus, and speak the words 'HIKARU'.'
Fakir says 'This will open a gateway to the Dark Realm where the Evil Master'
Fakir says 'awaits.  This is all I can help you with.  Fare thee well XXXXXXXX.'
  • You can rip/rift here, so if you need additional firepower now is the time to get it.
  • Return to the Nexus and when ready, say Hikaru. You will be transported to another area.
You say 'hikaru'
The ether around the Nexus swirls rapidly.
A swirling array of light opens and sucks you in!
  • Find Ashura, she is one north of where you are transported. Say "he said to go home"
Ashura says 'Hi XXXXXXXX.  Strange meeting you here.'
Ashura says 'Have you found or seen Slayek?'
Ashura says 'Did he have a message for me?'
  • Listen to what she has to say
You say 'he said to go home'
Ashura says 'That brother of mine is a pain in the butt.  He is always bossing'
Ashura says 'me around, telling me what to do.  I am a big girl now but he'
Ashura says 'keeps treating me like a child.  Also...'

Ashura says 'I just wanna show him I am capable of taking care of myself.'
Ashura says 'That is why I'm gonna show the realms how great I am by'
Ashura says 'recovering the Eternal Flame which was lost so long ago...'

The leaves tremble and shiver overhead.

XXXXXXXX chuckles at Ashura's actions.
Ashura chuckles at XXXXXXXX actions.
Sorceress Dasi says 'Do you actually think you can recover them by yourself?'
Sorceress Dasi says 'It is pretty dangerous you know...'

Ashura growls.
Ashura says 'What?  You don't think I can handle it?  I'm every bit as strong'
Ashura says 'as my brother.  You think just 'cause I'm a girl, I'm not capable'
Ashura says 'of doing dangerous quests!  I'll show you all!'
Ashura runs off into the forest...
  • Find Slayek. He is to the north.
Slayek says 'I see you have made it this far.  Take my advice fools.'
Slayek says 'This is no place for you.  You couldn't even defeat me in'
Slayek says 'in combat, so what makes you think you can defeat the '
Slayek says 'master of this realm?'
  • Now start killing pyramids. They are invisible and the questing cleric need to get the killing blow. You need to get 5 pages off the mobs. There's about a 15% chance you will get a page.
A page of the Codex falls from the stale air!
XXXXXXXX quickly snatches the page and inserts it into the Codex.
  • Once you have the pages Slayek appears and takes the book. Ashura screams and Slayek runs to the temple entrance.
Slayek says 'Thanks!  I was looking everywhere for this.  It must be the key'
Slayek says 'to the dark fortress!'
XXXXXXXX says 'Give that back, thief!'

Slayek says 'It's not like you're gonna need it anyways.'
Slayek says 'You may now thank me for saving your life!'
Slayek grins evilly at XXXXXXXX.

Ashura shouts 'HELP! Someone help me! Brother!!!!!'
A sense of fear forms on Slayek's face.
You say 'Ashura is in danger!'
  • Now is the time to spell up and regenerate if necessary.
  • NOTE: You need to be female during this last section or you will die. So either use the change sex spell, or better yet, get blue hair bows for all characters.
  • When you are ready, go back to where you first found Slayek.
Slayek says 'I have... found... the way... in...'

Slayek says 'The secret can be found inside the book.'
Slayek says 'It holds the power to open a portal within the dark stone...'

Slayek says 'I can use the last of my strength to open a doorway'
Slayek says 'in the stone...'

Slayek says 'Please... save my sister...'
Slayek says 'No man is capable of surviving inside the dark fortress...'
Slayek says 'Not even a powerful 'man' like me can stand up to the demon.'

Slayek bleeds all over the room! Get out of his way!
Slayek says 'Heroes... are you ready to go?'
  • Note: have to say yes and go north at once, else the gate will get closed and you fail the quest.
  • say yes
  • go north
You say 'yes'
Slayek clutches the book to his chest, and a beam of light strikes
The walls of the fortress, creating a doorway!
Slayek says 'Hurry into the fortress!  It won't stay open forever!'
  • (north)
As you enter this room, your magic fades and wavers...
You hear a beautiful song echoing inside your mind.
Jenova tells you 'I have been waiting a long time for a man like you.'

Jenova smiles happily.
Jenova says 'I see that more men have come to worship my beauty!'
Jenova says '...or perhaps you are here to kill poor defensless me'
Jenova says 'and to recover the artifacts lost so long ago?'
Jenova pouts.
Jenova says 'That wouldn't be the reason would it? No....'
Jenova says 'I can satisfy your manly needs, in ways you've never imagined.'
Jenova says 'Ask the women to leave however...they will just get in the way.'
Jenova opens a door, and heads north into the darkness...
  • Pay attention to your affects as they are dispelled each room, so if you are using the change sex spell, make sure you keep it on everyone.
  • Have the questing cleric remove all their equipment except for the Hako Ken Technique.
  • Enter Jenova's room. She is aggro so be prepared. The cleric will need to get the LARGE the Hado Ken Technique in order for Jenova to die. You will know when you get it. Jenova changes form a lot and thus changes who she is attacking a lot. Be sure to not let the questing cleric get disarmed. You need to be wielding the Hado Ken Technique for it to work.
  • Once Jenova dies, you will see Ashura in the room sleeping. Just wait for the story to conclude, someone in the party will kiss her and wake her up. Listen to what she has to say, then she will open a passageway down. Go down.
Jenova says 'Impossible... You have defeated me...'
Blood spills out of Jenova's critical wounds.
The body of Ashura materializes before your eyes, and floats to the floor.

XXXXXXXX says 'My my, she sure is a beauty...'
XXXXXXXX says 'Yeah, and she is sleeping too...'
XXXXXXXX says 'Yeah, I wonder how we can wake a sleeping beauty.'
  • kiss Ashura
You kiss her.
Ashura's eyes slowy open, and she stares into XXXXXXXX's eyes.
Ashura gets a strange expression on her face.
Ashura says 'Eeeewww!  I'm not that type of girl!  Get away!'

Ashura says 'I'm sorry... I should be thanking you, not getting mad at you.'
Ashura says 'Jenova retains her youth by absorbing the beauty of nature'
Ashura says 'and that of young humans.  I am fortunate that you came along to'
Ashura says 'rescue me, or else I would have ended up like the old woman'
Ashura says 'in the city...'
XXXXXXXX says 'That would suck!'

Ashura says 'Now with her demise, Midian can perhaps regain the beauty it'
Ashura says 'lost so long ago.  All that is left to do is to recover the'
Ashura says 'artifacts and heirlooms of the fallen ones...'
XXXXXXXX says 'Ooooh... where are these artifacts?'
XXXXXXXX notices something strange with the throne.
You all kneel down to examine it further.

The throne suddenly vanishes, and Ashura falls into a hole!
XXXXXXXX says 'Whoa!  Where did Ashura go?'
  • down
Ashura says 'Look at all these artifacts XXXXXXXX!'
XXXXXXXX feels strange, and his hands emit a strange glow.
Ashura says 'I sure am glad this is all finally over!'
Ashura says 'Mother, father, your death has been avenged!'
Ashura kneels down and prays to her parents.
  • All the equipment is here. Get it :)
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