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Damage equipment

Armor equipment

Mana equipment



    • Need to be pure ranger and have berserk and clear path.
    • Put on clear path and berserk
    • South and West
    • Have one Ranger sit at that spot and have another ranger (not grouped) chase the Calcirron around
    • Kill Calcirron and wait for berserk to wear off
    • Get a shark figurine
    • Need to have stealth and shoot practiced, Kill An Abyssal gremlin and get an eel figurine
    • Get a bow and multiple arrows (recommend both from Transylvania)
    • 2 w
    • Shoot West Gremlin (shoot again until death)
    • stealth;w;get eel; 2 w
    • Need to have fly
    • Cast fly on yourself
    • East, North, West
    • Get a man-o-war figurine
    • Go West and out the chimney
    • Need rip, rift and a large group waiting at one of your rift spots (can bring them from castle)
    • East, South, West
    • Cast rip and rift to group
    • Bring them back and kill the mob (anybody last hit)
    • Kill The Rain Beast and get a rain band with NEC
    • Go home with rest of group
    • The NEC goes West and gives a rain band to The Rain Deacon
    • He will give you a clam figurine
    • Need detect hidden, detect invisible, and invis
    • Go invisible and spell up fully
    • East, East, Down
    • Kill lesser
    • Kill greater
    • a lobster figurine will drop from the small mob
    • If you can grab it before the larger mob attacks you, you can flee him
    • Need restore and sanctify
    • West, North
    • Follow the path and continuously FLEE and RESTORE
    • Sanctify the last room ASAP.
    • Give 100,000 coins to The Brine Beast
    • He will give you a squid figurine

  • The character that got the last hit should get Neptune boots, armbands, leggings, Holy sash of the Seas, Holy ring of the Abyss, Ring of Mirrors, Mirror Band, and Crystal Slippers in their inventory.
  • Oceanic Boots, Continental Band, and Ring of the Seas is randomly(?) put on a character.
  • Put any of the above two pieces in a container. The remaining piece will change while in your inventory. When it is the correct form that you want it in, type "neptune" and it will stay permanent. Put in container and repeat for other two.
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