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Clan Leaders: Drake Ayuda Neo Santana
Area Location Path
Valley of the Elves (A Trail Leading from the Valley) w;u
Summerfield The mayor (City Center) (safe) u;w;n;3 w;5 n
Bomanz' Pathway go to The Barrowlands, then: 4 w;2 n;pass door west;d
The Barrowlands (Entrance to the Barrowlands complex} e;d;3 n;5 w;4 n;2 e;n;e;4 n;w;6 n;open gate;n
Medusa's Castle (Before the Castle Gate) 2 u;2 n;6 w;5 s;e;3 s;e;4 s;e;s;3 e;2 n;w;n;2 w; 2 n;w;
Refuge Tribe
Ocean City (The Center Square of Ocean City) (safe) 2 w;d;s;e;n;2 e;12 s
Empire of the Gnomes (Entrance to the Empire) 2 w;d;s;e;n;2 e;6 s
Aviaran Skies (The hills outside Ocean City} 2 w;d;s;e;n;2 e;6 s;w
Red Knights' Castle (A Forest Trail} 2 w;d;s;e;n;2 e;n;e
Dark Empire (A Forest Trail) 2 w;d;s;e;n;4 w;s
Temple of Demise (The Temple Entrance) 2 w;d;s;e;n;2 w;n
Land of Not The Bridge Keeper (At the Bridge) 2 w;d
Arachnos (On the spider web) (safe) u;3 n;u;4 w;n;10 w;s;2 w;n;w;u;w;n
Tethyr Mistress Penelope (Foaming Sands Bath House Entrance) n;3 w;3 s
Foxfire (Tall Trees) n;3 w;2 s;6 w;2 s;8 e;n
Breaching Whale Tavern - Stable (safe) n;3 w;2 s;6 w;n;4 e
Captain Macumail (Private booth in the Breaching Whale Tavern) n;3 w;2 s;6 w;n;3 e;n;e
The captain (A Ship Port) n;3 w;2 s;10 w
The harbour master n;3 w;2 s;7 w;n;w
Paradise Island A Desert Island n;3 w;2 s;10 w;say yes;give 100000 coin captain;say i am ready;w;
Holy River (Climbing the Air Pinnacle) w;s
The Right Bank of The River go to The harbour master in Tethyr, then: say Holy River;give 250000 coin master;w
The hermit (Deeper into the Cave) go to Holy River, then: 2 n;w;2 n;w;n;e;n;w;2 n;w;n;2 w;3 n;e
The High Priest (The Hall of Sacrifices) go to Holy River, then: 2 n;w;2 n;w;n;e;n;w;3 n;4 e;n
Inno (The Jeweller) go to Holy River, then: 2 w;s
Straccivendolo (Cloth Shop) go to Holy River, then: 2 w;3 n;2 e;3 n;e;s
Moonshae Islands Corwell Docks go to The harbour master in Tethyr, then: say Moonshae Islands;give 250000 coin master;w
The Isle of Mist Chango (The Isle of Mist) go to The harbour master in Tethyr, then: say Isle of Mist;give 250000 coin master;w
Troll Island The Beach go to The harbour master in Tethyr, then: say Troll Island;give 250000 coin master;w
Ocean City The Beach go to The harbour master in Tethyr, then: say Ocean City;give 250000 coin master;w
Centaur Grove (Centaur HQ) Tethir Forest n;3 w;2 s;6 w;2 s;8 e;2 n;e;2 n
Outpost of Kric'crsk (Orc HQ) Entrance of Kric'crsk 2 u;2 n;3 e;n;e;n;e
Gilikak's Mansion Jonathon (Great Hall) e;s;3 e
Your shadow image (wanders) (Hall of Mirrors) e;s;4 e;s;s;e;n;e;s;e;n;2 e;2 s
The enraged sorcerer (The Library) e;s;4 e;2 s;e;n;e;s;e;n;e;open door;n
The ghost of a rare unicorn (Gilikak's Zoo) e;s;4 e;2 s;e;n;e;s;e;n;2 e;s;4 e;s;e;s;open trapdoor;d;w;s
Outside gilikaks bedroom e;s;4 e;n;u;w;n;e;d;n;3 e;n;u;open door;2 n;w;3 n
The ghost of Mrs. Gilikak (Powder Room) e;s;4 e;n;u;w;n;e;d;n;3 e;n;u;open door;2 n;e
Outside The Great Wyrm (Cavern) e;s;4 e;2 s;e;n;e;s;e;n;2 e;s;4 e;s;w;2 s;e;2 s
Order's Domain (anti-chaos) go to Jonathon in Gilikak's Mansion, then: wear reason;tappass
Gorthesus's Abode Front Lawn e;s;2 e;s
Antarctica The Snow-filled Land e;s;u
The Center Chamber (obelisk) e;s;u;s;open secret-door;3 d;
Anasazi Garden e;2 n
The Center of Anasazi (safe) e;2 n;2 w;4 n;e;2 n;2 e;5 s
Pern Feeding Grounds e;u
Festival On the parade ground e;s;d
VanEttan Lake The Beach e;d
Chakkor Patrokles fountain (safe) u;3 n;u
Griffon Airstrip (Chakkor) (need fly)

(through Midgaard and In the Air)

2 u;2 n;6 w;n;3 u;2 w;8 s;2 d
University of MR At the magnificent fountain (safe) u;2 e;s;e
Rome Southeast side of the fountain (safe) u;2 e;s;e;4 s;w;3 n;e;4 n;e;n;2 e;n;e;d;3 s;e;2 s;open grate;u;3 s
Stasis Castle A rutted path u;2 e;s;e;4 s;w;3 n;e;4 n;e;n;e
The Quartermaster (The barracks) u;2 e;s;e;4 s;w;3 n;e;4 n;e;n;e;7 n;2 e
Stasis Garden (Overlooking a large garden) u;2 e;s;e;4 s;w;3 n;e;4 n;e;n;e;7 n;e;n;e
Magic Zone A Shifter (wait for teleport) u;2 e;s;e;4 s;w;3 n;e;4 n;e
City of Eternity (Eternal Road) (westgate) go to Magic Zone, then: 4 e;2 n;2 e;u;e;d;7 e
(Center of Eternity) (safe) go to Magic Zone, then: 4 e;2 n;2 e;u;e;d;7 e;2 s;e;s;2 e;n;e;2 n;e
Holy Grove The sunny field 2 u;n
At the Center of the garden (safe) 2 u;n;e;open garden;4 s
Midgaard Market Square 2 u;2 n;6 w
In the Air In the air... (need fly) 2 u;2 n;6 w;n;2 u
The old leprechaun (The Floating House) 2 u;2 n;6 w;n;3 u;2 w;7 s;u;open door;s
The Astral Plane The Astral Guardian (The Astral Gate) (need astral projection) 2 u;2 n;6 w;n;2 u;n;7 u;n
The mushroom forest On a wide tree limb 2 u;2 n;3 e;n;e;4 n;e;s;e;2 n;w;open chute;u
The mysterious monk (The magic shop) 2 u;2 n;3 e;n;e;4 n;e;s;e;2 n;w;open chute;2 u
In the village square (safe) 2 u;2 n;3 e;n;e;4 n;e;s;e;2 n;w;open chute;u;e;2 n
The Cathedral of Waterdeep Cathedral cemetery 3 u;n
The Great Altar 3 u;n;2 w;5 n
The_Archbishop (Archbishop's Office) 3 u;n;2 w;6 n;open doorway;w;n;w;4 n;e
Waterdeep The Market Square (safe) 3 u;n;5 w;10 n;3 e
A priestess of Sune (Temple of Sune) 3 u;n;5 w;4 n;w
Landover Meeks (Meeks' Office) 3 u;n;5 w;10 n;4 e;u
Sterling Lake 2 e;u;w
Questor (Landsview) 2 e;u;w;3 u
The River master (Lake Irrylyn) 2 e;u;w;3 s;2 e
Kingdom of Juargan The small cave u;w
Grimdale the Duergar King (Duergar Outcamp) u;w;open stone;d;2 w;n;3 w;2 s;2 e;2 s;2 e;n
King Mathius (Temple of Juargan) u;w;open stone;d;2 w;n;3 w;s;w;n;w;3 s;e;s;s;w;n
Bramela (The Stone Jewel) u;w;open stone;d;2 w;n;3 w;s;w;n;w;2 s;2 w;4 s;e;s
Pasty (Pasty's Dwelling) u;w;open stone;d;2 w;n;3 w;s;w;n;w;2 s;2 w;3 s;w;s
Atlantis (The Old Entrance) 3 w;n
(Atlantis Square) (need a pair of well-oiled shears, pass door) 3 w;n;cut;say waiting for hole;2 n;w;d;n;u
(Inside a hollowed-out tree) 2 u;2 n;3 e;n;e;4 n;e;s;e;2 n;e;s;e;n;e;n;w;n;e;n;w;n;e
(Before a Large Green Hedge.) (agro) 2 u;2 n;3 e;n;e;4 n;e;s;e;2 n;e;s;e;n;e;n;w;n;e;n;w;n;e;d;2 n;e;n;w
The Municipal Gardener (A Path in the Lush Green Maze) 3 w;n;4 w;u;e;d;8 s;2 w;n;u;n;d;n;2 w;s;e;s
a roll of duct tape 3 w;n;4 w;u;e;d;8 s;2 w;n;u;n;d;n;2 w;s;e;s;
Abyssal Depths
Mount Kolvir griffon: city of entropy -> pompeii -> mount kolvir
Ethshar One Hundred Foot Field 2 w;u
Great Central Square (safe) 2 w;u;5 n
Kelder (Kelder's Armory) 2 w;u;5 n;w
Iridith (Iridith's Jewellery) 2 w;u;5 n;e
Serem's House 2 w;u;2 n;w;n
Tobas (Cup and Dagger Inn) 2 w;u;4 n;3 w;n
Valder (Inn at the Bridge) 2 w;u;4 n;6 w;2 n
a street vendor (Shiphaven Market) 2 w;u;2 e;n
a Recruiter (Shiphaven Market) 2 w;u;2 e;n;e
Outside of a Dragon Cave (Hills of Akalla) 2 w;u;4 n;6 w;n;4 e;n
Easter Eternal The Plains 3 u;w
Lost Citadel Entrance to the Lost Citadel. (mageroom) 3 u;w;s
the First Sentinel of the Lost Citadel. (Entrance to the Spire.) 3 u;w;2 s
Piscyra On the Dirt Track 2 u;w
a sand fly (In the Sand) 2 u;w;n;d
An old hermit (Piscyra) (Atop the Barrier Island) 2 u;w;3 n
The Piscyrean gate guard (The Gate) 2 u;w;2 n;w;2 n;e;14 n;2 e
The pirate captain (In the Captain's Cabin) 2 u;w;2 n;w;2 n;e;14 n;e;4 n;6 e;4 s;4 e;2 s;u;s;e;open door;s;w
Land of the Fire Newts Inside the mountain 2 u;s
Crater (On the Rim) 2 u;e
The crater shaman (The Kobold Shaman's Perch) 2 u;3 e;s
A leathery egg (first Hatchery) 2 u;e;3 n;e;2 s;e;d;n;w;n
A leathery egg (The Geyser / more hatcheries) w;n
a mummified tenticle (A Small Chamber) (need invis / agro) 2 u;e;3 n;e;2 s;e;d;n;w;s;d;s;d;w;d
The Swamp Thing (The Nasty Lake) (hidden) 2 u;e;3 n;e;2 s;e;d;n;w;s;d;s;d;2 e;
Wyvern's Tower Main Western Road 4 u;n
Hirudinia (anti-order) A Gate guard (The southern gate) 4 u;n;w;2 n;2 e;2 n;3 w;2 n
Above the entrance to the mines (Path of the Righteous) 4 u;n;w;2 n;2 e;2 n;3 w;7 n
Bishop Marshall (The Golden Dome) 4 u;n;w;2 n;2 e;2 n;3 w;7 n;4 e;4 n
A scorpion
A Chaos Priest (Pillars of Magic) (safe) 4 u;n;w;2 n;2 e;2 n;3 w;7 n;2 e
The mine operator, Portman (A large house) (safe) 4 u;n;w;2 n;2 e;2 n;3 w;7 n;2 e;s
Maynard (Maynard's House of Magik) (magic shop) 4 u;n;w;2 n;2 e;2 n;3 w;7 n;w;n
Burton (The Mighty Lira) (armor shop) 4 u;n;w;2 n;2 e;2 n;3 w;7 n;2 w;3 n;e;n
The Underworld The South-West Corner of the Underground Garden 2 w;n
the marble skeleton (The Bone's Cave) (agro) 2 w;7 n
The North Pole Entrance to the Village 3 u;e
Santa Claus (Swan Fountain) (safe) 3 u;e;open gate;3 n
City of Entropy Gardens of the City of Entropy w;d
The Magic Shop w;d;2 n;2 e;n;e
The Altar (safe) w;d;2 n;2 e;4 n;2 w;2 s
Island of Paragon Twister / The Edge of a Cliff w;d;w (wait)
Gateway to Avernus (Road on Avernus) 3 w;u
outside the "The Great Chamber" with Belial the Arch Devil (Avernus) 3 w;u;n
Avernus The Skeletal Ferryman (West bank of the river Styx) 3 w;u;s
The Netherworld (Below Avernus) (need ethereal travel) 3 w;u;s;give 100000 coin ferryman;2 e;s;e;open gate;e;open door;e;n;3 e;s;d
City of Kisangani (A Well) (safe) 4 u;w;7 n
A wealthy man (A Large Hut) 4 u;w;7 n;2 e;2 s;3 e;s
A guide (Guide) 4 u;w;7 n;4 w;2 s
Chieftain (Throne Room) ELE: 4 u;w;4 n;3 w;say Open up
Honest Bob's (Entrance Way) u;3 n;u;4 w;n;5 w;n
Tomb of Virtue The Tomb Keeper (Entrance to the Tomb.) u;3 n;u;2 w;2 s;2 e;4 s;e;3 s;e;s;e;4 s;w;2 s;e;2 s;e;2 s;2 w;5 n;4 w;6 n;2 w;n
Thalos The dwarven traveller (The darker dwarf forest) u;3 n;u;2 w;2 s;2 e;4 s;e;3 s;e;s;e;4 s;w;2 s;e;2 s;e;2 s;2 w;u
Hartsvale Split Mountain 4 u;e
Midian (The center of Midian) (need breath water) 4 u;e;d;2 n;2 u;say waiting to drop;n;e;w;s;e;e;s;e;s;2 e;5 n;open gate;8 n
Monastery of Zaar GouSau the Elder monk (Entrance of the Monastery) u;3 n;u;2 n;w;n;w; 6 n;travel w; travel w;travel w;travel s;n
Xanth (only: ILL, ELE, NEC, MON, CLE) (Mundania) n;w;2 n;e;4 e;s;3 e;s
Justin Tree (Center of North Village) n;w;2 n;e;4 e;s;3 e;s;3 e;2 s;e;2 s
King Trent (Castle Roogna Audience Chamber) n;w;2 n;e;4 e;s;3 e;s;3 e;2 s;e;7 s;w;d;s;2 e;s;u;e;s;w;s;2 w;n;4 w
House of Horrors
Midnight Mansion (Dark Pathway) e;d;3 n;6 w;s;2 w
Arctic Forest (through Tethyr) (A snow-covered path) n;w;2 n;e;4 e;s;3 e;2 n
(through Land of Not / Ocean City)) (A snow-covered path) 2 w;d;s;e;n;2 e;s;e
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