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Level Quest Reward stats Area
1 A token of completion quest +1 WIS, +1 CON Tower of Training
1 A beautiful silver ring quest +1 CON Ofcol
1 Knowledge Crystal quest +CON, +WIS City of Eternity
1 Wedding ring quest none Wedding Chapel
2 Badge quest +WIS, +CON, +INT Midgaard
2 Worthless equipment and A gorgeous belt quest +WIS, +INT Old Singase
2 Repaired equipment quest +MISC Old Singase
2 Chores quest +CON, +INT The North Pole
2 Topaz equipment quest +CON, +INT, +STR New Singase
3 Holy Grail quest Land of Not
3 Nose ring quest +DAM, +CON The North Pole
4 Meat Cleaver quest Midnight Mansion
5 Glathkar the Drinker quest 2d9 weapon Tower of Training
5 Wyvern's equipment quest +DAM +HIT Wyvern's Tower
8 Bone band quest +WIS, +HP Tanglewood forest
8 Shiny ring quest +MANA, -DAM Tanglewood forest
10 Orb of Purification quest Kingdom of Juargan
10 Archibald Scale quest +DAM, +HIT Holy Grove
10 Holly Belt quest +DAM, +HIT Holy Grove
10 Torn tie quest +WIS +INT Refuge Tribe
10 Ivy Necklace quest +WIS, +CON, +INT Holy Grove
10 Talemon's equipment quest +DAM, +HIT Valley of the Elves
10 The Blarney Stone quest +DAM, +HIT In the Air
10 Band of Demise quest +MISC Temple of Demise
10 Chaos quest Chakkor
10 Order quest Chakkor
13 Chain link bracelet +2 WIS, +2 INT, +2 CON University of MR
13 Sheepskin quest +DAM, +HIT University of MR
13 Holly Wreath quest +DAM, +STR The North Pole
13 Reindeer equipment quest +MISC The North Pole
15 Pointed ring quest +DAM, +STR Arctic Forest
15 Unique coin quest +DAM Gahld
15 Snow white equipment quest +DAM, +HIT Antarctica
15 Sterling equipment quest +DAM, +HIT Landover
15 Bronze equipment quest New Singase
17 Bible quest Ocean City
18 Gleaming equipment quest New Singase
20 Glob of Phosphorous quest The Plain of Fear
20 Greenthumbs equipment quest +DAM +HIT Gardens of Chakkor
20 North Star quest +MANA The North Pole
20 Kirin Cloak quest +DAM, +HIT Arachnos
20 Benjamin's equipment quest +DAM, +HIT Thalos
20 Torn Gloves quest +WIS, +INT, +CON Rome
20-95 Gith equipment quest +MISC The Astral Plane
22 Ares quest +MANA OR +DAM, +HIT Olympus
24 Skin equipment quest +DAM, +HIT, +DEX Midian
25 Seaweed Armor quest Piscyra
25 Blood torch and fork equipment quest AC Arctic Forest
25 Matte Black equipment quest AC Thalos
25 Rogue Faerdale quest +DAM, +HIT, +MISC Faerdale
25/78 Shawl of the Wise and Ashen Belt quest The Underworld
26 Tarnished equipment quest +DAM, +HIT Landover
29 Xanth equipment quest AC Xanth
30 Phoenix Equipment quest Phoenix Peak
30 Bloody equipment quest +DAM, +HIT Rome
30 Stasis Castle equipment quest +MISC Stasis Castle
31 Scroll of Power quest Olympus
35 Skull Ring and Tooth Necklace quest City of Kisangani
35 Rucksack quest Kytar
35 Ranger Faerdale quest +DAM, +HIT Faerdale
35 Evergreen Wreath quest +DAM, +HIT The North Pole
35 Vampires Bite Mark quest +WIS, +CON, +INT, AC Summerfield
36 Barb equipment quest The Underworld
36 Spirit Bracer quest House of Horrors
36 Assassin Faerdale quest Faerdale
36 Tenticle sash quest +DAM, +HIT Crater
37 Crystal Sword quest Arachnos
40 Thong of Elf Ears quest Orc Village
40 The rune of ypmurcs quest Refuge Tribe
40 Scarlet Bard equipment quest Valdemar
40 Blue Noble equipment quest Valdemar
40 Green Healer equipment qyest Valdemar
40 White Herald equipment quest Valdemar
40 Tomb of Virtue equipment quest +DAM, +HIT Tomb of Virtue
40 Elementalist Faerdale quest AC Faerdale
40 Necromancer Faerdale quest (High Wizards Equipment) Faerdale
40 Illusionist Faerdale quest Faerdale
40 Cleric Faerdale quest Faerdale
40 Wisdom necklace quest +3 WIS Vulcano
45 Moonblade quest Tethyr
45 Festival equipment quest +DAM, +HIT, +DEX Festival
45 Black mushroom crown quest +DAM, +HIT The mushroom forest
46 Erlenmeyer Flask quest weapon Anasazi
47 Dog Collar quest +DAM, +HIT
47 Lorentzian Boots quest +DAM, +HIT Atlantis
50 Barrowlands equipment quest
50 Horned ring and Halaster equipment quest Underdark
50 Dead Mans Ring quest +DAM, +HIT The Cathedral of Waterdeep
50 Faithfull and Faithless equipment quest +DAM, +HIT The Cathedral of Waterdeep
50 Dragonrider equipment quest AC Pern
50 Decayed equipment quest +DAM Underdark
51 Veteran's Equipment Quest +DAM, +MANA, +HIT Savant Village
54 Alchemist's medallion quest Ability to convert gold coins to bars + some stats Alchemist's Workshop
55 Silvershaft Axe quest Moonshae Islands
55 Wild Elf equipment quest Tethyr
60 Ball of Healing quest
60 Ivory knife quest AC weapon Gilikak's Mansion
60 Jewelled dagger quest 3d23 weapon Pern
60 Champion's Armor quest Island of Paragon
60 Hallowed Sceptre quest Gorthesus Abode
60 Shiny green ring quest +DAM, +HIT The mushroom forest
60 Steel Studded Equipment quest AC City of Sarglam
60 Merchant equipment quest AC Waterdeep
62 Nova Hat quest
65 Red knights Equipment
65 Ruby Disk quest +DAM, +HIT Atlantis
65 Shining breastplate quest +DAM Moonshae Islands
65 Hartsvale equipment quest +DAM +HIT, AC, +DEX Hartsvale
70 Waterdeep equipment quest +DAM, +HIT Waterdeep
70 The Amazons Chakram quest 7d10 weapon Paradise Island
70 The demon knife quest weapon Ruins of Sharthea
75 Blistering equipment quest Island of Paragon
75 Mage Focus quest City of Eternity
75 Harper equipment quest AC Pern
75 Wonderland equipment quest +MISC Wonderland
80 Sun Sword quest Moon City
80 The black dagger quest 11d9 weapon Ethshar
76-82 Hermit equipment quest +DAM/+MANA/AC VanEttan Lake
80/90 Finders Bracelet and Fugative Robe quest +DAM, +HIT Moonshae Islands
80 Ssab equipment quest +DAM, AC VanEttan Lake
80 Girdle of giants quest +DAM, +HIT, +STR Ruins of Sharthea
80/90 Black rune-etched equipment quest +DAM, +HIT, AC Gilikak's Mansion
84 Blackstaff equipment quest +MANA Waterdeep
85 Unformed Physical Chaos equipment quest Island of Paragon
85 Diamond Vial of Light quest Calimarra
85 Wirikidor quest Ethshar
90 Robe of Strength quest The Underworld
90 Ivory equipment quest Order's Domain
90 Titan equipment quest Hartsvale
90 Gold and white equipment quest +DAM, +HIT, AC Kingdom of Isles
90 Skull of the Lich quest +Dam, +STR, Evil Holy River
90 Ivory Crystal and God Slayer quest AC and weapon Gilikak's Mansion
90/94 Black diamond/Vermillion equipment quest +MANA or +DAM, +HIT Hirudinia
90 Blessed equipment quest +MANA Holy River
90 Quarterstaff quest AC weapon Order's Domain
90 Eggshell rquipment quest +DAM, +HIT, +HP Easter Eternal
90 Glittering Diamond quest Ethshar
90 Glass Sword quest Midnight Mansion
91 Dragon rod equipment quest AC Dragon Haven
92 White Alabaster equipment quest AC, good alignment Holy River
92 Black Alabaster equipment quest +DAM, +HIT, bad alignment Holy River
93 White Cloud Equipment quest MISC Refuge Tribe
93 Lobster Claw equipment quest AC Abyssal Depths
94 Kingdom of Saurong quest +DAM, +MANA, +AC Kingdom of Saurong
95 Kanyamagufa equipment quest +MANA City of Kisangani
94 Death equipment quest +DAM, +HIT, AC Lost Citadel
94 Vantage equipment quest +DAM, +HIT Vantage City
94 Neptune equipment quest +MISC Neptune's Garden
94 Crysknife quest 10d10 Gilikak's Mansion
94/95 Hunter and Ninja equipment quest Transylvania
94/95 Mighty Aura quest Paradise Island
94/95 Paradise Island Female equipment quest +MISC Paradise Island
94/95 Hardened mercury equipment quest AC, +MANA, +HP Hirudinia
94/95 Midian equipment quest +MISC Midian
95 Crown of the Ancients quest +DAM, +HIT Anasazi
95 Hemp belt quest +MANA Anasazi
95 Light equipment quest +DAM, +HIT Realms of the Forgotten
95 Monastery of Zaar quest +MANA Monastery of Zaar
95 Butler's family heirloom and Impenetrable equipment quest +MANA, AC, MISC House of Horrors
95 Mictlan equipment quest +MANA, +MISC Mictlan Region
95 Rhialle equipment quest +DAM Mictlan Region
All Pass of reason quest Grants entrance to Order's Domain Gilikak's Mansion